Leavey Award Winners
Posted 11/27/2017 10:29AM

Since 1977, Freedoms Foundation and the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation have honored outstanding teachers for bringing passion and creativity to their classrooms as they teach students about entrepreneurship and the free enterprise system. This year, Lamplighter’s very own fourth grade teachers, Kathey Beddow and Jody Stout, have been recognized for their achievements in guiding the Lamplighter Layers program during the 2015-2016 school year. Along with five other educators from around the nation, Ms. Beddow and Ms. Stout are members of the 40th annual class presented with the Leavey Award.

The Leavey Awards program recognizes educators at the elementary, junior high school, high school, and college levels for innovative and effective techniques in teaching entrepreneurship and the free enterprise system. “Lamplighter Layers was founded in 1970 with the goals of providing young students with the opportunity to practice cooperation, communication, respect, and responsibility in an entrepreneurial format,” explained Ms. Stout, “based very much on the same values espoused by the Freedoms Foundation and the Leavey Award Foundation. In its 48-year history the Layers program has expanded and evolved. Each senior Lamplighter class has had the opportunity to run the business after their own model.” In addition to the influence of growing technology on record keeping and communication, one adaptation to the business, in more recent years, is the establishment of distinct committees: finance, production, communications, and dividend. Another change initiated by the students is the newer tradition of choosing charities with which to share their profits. “But core beliefs in the benefit of engaging in and investing in the free enterprise system,” continued Ms. Stout has always been the centerpiece of the program.”

“We are so proud to be facilitators of Lamplighter Layers--a program that does so much to encourage partnership, creative problem-solving, and great responsibility in our young students,” stated Ms. Beddow. “In accepting the Award, we are acknowledging contributions, effort, and passion given by many teachers and students who have come before. And we so appreciate that a national spotlight on our little chicken and egg business will ensure opportunities for leadership, community building, and real-world business experience for our fourth graders for many years to come.”

Mrs. Beddow and Ms. Stout were presented with the Leavey Award during the National Council for Social Studies Conference in San Francisco, CA, on November 17 and 18, 2017.  Lamplighter salutes these teachers for this well-deserved recognition!