Progress Report

 Completed Interior and Exterior Paint

 Completed Landscaping 

 Completed Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing  


Construction Update

March 28 - Construction is almost complete!

Upcoming Project Milestones
  • Finalize interior wood carpentry in Innovation Lab
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy


  • The barn has been painted!
  • Cabinets have been installed inside the Barn

Innovation Lab
  • Copper on roof and siding has been installed 
  • Cabinets and sky lights have been installed 
  • Concrete floors have been polished


 Remember the Barn!

The original Barn was dismantled over Spring Break. The barn was an important Lamplighter icon and we plan to memorialize it. The original Barn will be rebuilt and improved with a unique and dynamic design compatible with the new Innovation Lab.

To memorialize the original Barn, Dr. Hill is asking all members of the community to post your favorite stories and memories of the Barn, along with photographs, on the "Friends of the Barn" Facebook group. Eventually your memories will be placed in a book and shared for all to see.


Seven short years, pre-k through fourth grade. They are fleeting, yet filled with astonishing potential. These foundational years establish a child’s trajectory for all future educational endeavors. For more than 60 years, The Lamplighter School has helped guide children toward successful lives as forever learners.

There has never been a time when it is more crucial for children to have a school that, in the words of our motto, views students not as vessels to be filled but as lamps to be lighted. To be true to its distinguished past, Lamplighter must prepare for the demands of its future. We invite you to help ensure the continued fulfillment of our mission. Join us in Igniting Young Minds for a Lifetime of Learning, a $12 million campaign to fund the people, place, and programs of The Lamplighter School.

Why Now?
Lamplighter is a school made for the way children are made. Beginning in the 1950s, Lamplighter’s founders developed a campus, a curriculum, and a community that focused on giving students a strong foundation in the fundamental and high-flying opportunities for creativity – a serious education wrapped in the wonder of childhood. Our students learn to interpret the world and to synthesize diverse influences into fresh and valuable ideas.

Campaign and Construction FAQS


Steering Committee
Jennifer Karol, Chair
Joe Eastin
Jenney Gillikin
Kirsten Kerrigan
Leslie Krakow
Laura Lear
Catherine Rose
Joan Hill
Sandy Diamond

Campaign Committee
Jennifer Karol, Chair
Mandy Dake
Erin Hillman
Gunjan Jain
Craig Knocke
Shannon Morse
Kristin Rees
Bobby Sussman
Carmen Yung 
Sandy Diamond 

Construction Committee
Catherine Rose, Chair
Sarah Weinberg, Board Chair
Jon Morgan, Vice Chair
Jenney Gillikin
Velpeau Hawes
Jennifer Karol
Leslie Krakow
Karen Pollock
Kristin Rees
Alex Sharma
Justin Small
Vaughn Vennerberg
Joan Hill 
Sandy Diamond
Elise Murphy
Marynell Murphy 

Architectural Committee
Leslie Philipson Krakow '69, Chair
David Benners
Jenney Gillikin
Jed Morse
Karen Pollock
Catherine Rose
Alex Sharma
Gowri Sharma
Bryan Trubey
Joan Hill
Sandy Diamond
Marynell Murphy


  • The Lamplighter School
  • 11611 Inwood Road
  • Dallas, Texas 75229
  • T: 214-369-9201
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