The Lamplighter Alumni Association’s goal is to unite the Alumni and former students and to promote and further the interests of the Alumni and the School.  The Association will seek to develop activities that foster a spirit of loyalty, camaraderie, and fun among Alumni for the benefit of students, parents, faculty, and Alumni.

If you have graduated (or attended) Lamplighter, then you are a member of the Alumni Association. Our alumni have described Lamplighter as passionate, comfortable, nurturing, home, and creative. Everyone agrees that Lamplighter is a unique and special school.

Class Agent Program

A Lamplighter Class Agent is a liaison between you, the alumni, and the School. Class agents play a vital role in keeping you connected to your alma mater by maintaining and promoting alumni engagement.

Class Agent Program

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Stay connected with The Lamplighter School! Update your contact information so we can keep in touch. Keeping in touch with faculty and classmates, networking, and participating in alumni events are just a few of the ways Lamplighter alumni stay connected to the School. Make sure to follow along at the Lamplighter Alumni Association Facebook Group.

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Alumni Reflections

“Lamplighter was more than a foundational academic education for me. It was more than the place where I made many of my lifelong friends. Lamplighter gave me the time and the teachers to discover who I am as a learner.”

Shannon Morse ’80

“It was moments like the Opera in fourth grade that helped me gain confidence going into middle school, high school, and college.”

Gray Malin ’96

“My favorite thing about Lamplighter was loving coming to school every day. I loved the natural curiosity and the learning. And that you could always ask questions without being ashamed to ask questions.”

Tony Ruggeri ’92

“I treasure this school, and the teachers who make it so magical. Lamplighter gave me the most wonder-filled childhood I could ask for, and I am eternally grateful."

Stella Wrubel ’16

“My favorite memory as a Lamplighter student was definitely getting my own baby chick from the barn. But I also loved reading in the well, playing capture the flag in P.E., and square dancing. Lamplighter brings so many good memories.”

Priya Swamy Zeikus ’85

“Some of my favorite Lamplighter memories are Hootenannies, Carnivals, and Lamplighter Layers, traditions that continue to contribute to the magic of the Lamplighter experience. The best part of Lamplighter though – when I was a student and today – is the incredible teachers who inspire a lifelong love of learning.”

Flauren Fagadau Bender ’90

“There are three things you learn at Lamplighter everyday that will help you with any job you do: kindness, curiosity, and confidence.”

Jen Wallace ’94