The Lamplighter Difference

At Lamplighter, we believe that students are capable of extraordinary things.


You will find our students engaged in deep discussions, collecting water samples from the creek on campus and working with friends to engineer cardboard arcade games.  Our research-based, rigorous curriculum is wrapped in joy and discovery.


Come visit us to discover how your child can be challenged and stretched academically while holding on to the wonder of childhood.

Learn more about Lamplighter from a student's perspective by clicking on the video below.

A Lamplighter Student is...


Learn more about our Early Childhood and Lower School academic programs.


Learn more about ways our students engage in creative pursuits on campus.


Learn more about our Lamplighter Layers and Community Outreach programs.

Meet Our Team

Jacquelyn Wilcox
Director of Admission and Placement
214-369-9201, x345
Becky Walker
Associate Director of Admission and Placement
214-369-9201, x337
sydney allen
Admission Coordinator
214-369-9201, x347