Campaign Priorities


The creation of the THEATER ARTS EXPLORATION LAB recognizes the importance of drama as a signature component of the Lamplighter education.

The most significant reconfiguration of the O'Neil Ford building addresses the urgent need for ADDITIONAL CLASSROOMS for third and fourth grades.

A REIMAGINED PLAYGROUND will inspire students to strengthen their motor skills as well as their imaginations through more creative play.

A new ALUMNI & STUDENT SERVICES CENTER will provide a SAFE AND SECURE SINGLE POINT OF ENTRY for guests arriving on campus.

Relocation and expansion of THE GINSBURG HEALTH CLINIC will improve security and health and wellness services provided to our students and families.


INNOVATIVE UPDATES TO LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS wrap our research-based, rigorous curriculum in joy and discovery. Whether in the classroom or on the playground, the relationship between learning outcomes and a student's environment is critical.

An EARLY CHILDHOOD LIBRARY that is more readily accessible to our youngest learners will reinforce early childhood literacy as the foundation for learning.

A WORLD LANGUAGES CLASSROOM will be used for programming that boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills.

The addition of TUTORING SPACES for learners at all levels will help reinforce concepts introduced in the classroom.



Opportunities for ENHANCED ALUMNI, PARENT, and GRANDPARENT ENGAGEMENT are at the center of the new Alumni& Student Services Center.

A SCHOOL SPIRIT STORE brings the community together to celebrate and share the story of our school. The addition of dedicated space for HISTORICAL ARCHIVES bridges the past and present.

The addition of an ELEVATOR, RAMPS, and ADA-COMPLIANT BATHROOMS will allow all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to access the entire campus.

A ROBUST ENDOWMENT is critical to the success of every school. Endowed funds provide financial resources for programs, faculty, compensation, professional development, and facility maintenance. Gifts generate annual income and enable the School to preserve its solid financial foundation.