construction progress

Construction at Lamplighter began during the Summer of 2021 and is expected to be completed by December 2022. Follow along for construction updates and view progress with our construction camera. The camera displays the Alumni & Student Services Center and Theater Arts Exploration Lab, as well as historic views of the most recent campus additions, the Eastin Family Innovation Lab and LPA Barn.

key milestones

April 2022: Elevator installation complete and operational
April 2022: Room #11 restroom complete and operational
May 2022: Theater Arts Exploration Lab complete
June 2022: Interior renovations begin
June 2022: Outdoor learning space renovations begin
July 2022: Alumni and Student Services Center complete
August 2022: Interior renovations complete
December 2022: Outdoor learning space renovations complete

July 2021: Elevator pit construction begins.

July 2021: The elevator is located near the Head of School garden.

September 2021: Construction trailer arrives on North Field. The trailer is staffed and operated by Lee Lewis Construction.

October 2021: Work begins on new restroom for Room #11.

October 2021: Fencing installed on campus to secure areas for construction.

October 2021: Students observe the beginning stages of the Theater Arts Exploration Lab.

November 2021: Progress continues on the Theater Arts Exploration Lab.

December 2021: Beautiful weather helps move construction progress along!

January 2022: Slab poured for the Theater Arts Exploration Lab

February 2022: Steel installed in Theater Arts Exploration Lab

February 2022: Corridor expanded for Early Childhood Library

February 2022: Walls erected on Theater Arts Exploration Lab

March 2022: Sheetrock installed for Theatre Arts Exploration Lab

March 2022: Steel erected for Alumni & Student Services Center