Donor Stories

Lamplighter is tremendously grateful to the generous donors who have supported the Bright Future campaign thus far. Their leadership and early support help propel us to an even brighter future.

Learn more from some of our donors who shared their perspectives on the Bright Future campaign and how Lamplighter has impacted their family.

The Wyker Family

"Lamplighter holds a very special place in my family’s hearts. We frequently reminisce about the nurturing environment, world-class teachers, engaging academics, and unique aspects of the School that make it a rare and wonderful place. My sister and I have many fond memories of the Halloween parade, raising chickens, visiting the barn, and naming the animals, just to name a few!

My family and I are honored to participate in this campaign and witness the tremendous growth of the School. Lamplighter provided us with a strong foundation for which we will always be grateful."    

- katherine rochelle '98 and Austin wyker
Lamplighter Alumna '98

The Connelly Family

“Investing in education has always been important to our family. We believe that giving to the Bright Future campaign will help to transform the education experience for many Lamplighter children to come. We have loved seeing the positive impact Lamplighter has made on our child’s confidence and joy for learning. Each detail of the new enhancements encourages the children to be innovative and have a fulfilling, hands-on experience. We are thrilled to be part of Lamplighter’s continued focus on its mission and core commitments.”

- Julie and Claude Connelly
Lamplighter Parents '25

The Brown Family

"Lamplighter provided the best foundation for my family in building lifelong learners. For each of my children, Lamplighter was the spark to ignite their individual and unique personalities and learning styles and for me as a parent I developed the tools to support them in a cultivated (and not one size fits all manner). Indeed, Lamplighter helped me become a lifelong learner, too. In our family, Lamplighter Spirit is truly forever and its flame shines bright!"

- Shonn Brown
Lamplighter Alumni Parent '13, '16, '18

The Epstein Family

“We are honored to support the Bright Future campaign and are excited to be a part of this special time in the School’s history. These important enhancements will ensure that Lamplighter will continue to provide a strong foundation for future generations to come.”

- andrea kramer '93 and robert epstein 
Lamplighter Alumna '93 and Lamplighter Parents '25, '27

The MacMahon Family

"Truly special places get better over time because the people in their communities are inspired to contribute to their improvement. The Bright Future campaign was our family’s opportunity to give back to the School that has done so much for us. The completion of the campus master plan, now Lamplighter’s forever home, sets Lamplighter on the path to success as the leading early childhood school in the country."

- Catherine and Douglas MacMahon
Lamplighter Alumni Parents '19, '22