At the Lamplighter School, students and staff alike realize they are an integral part of an interconnected global community.

We believe that children better develop critical thinking skills and learn to work collaboratively when they are given the opportunity to hear from diverse voices. We also believe that broadening our horizons includes showing compassion for others. Lamplighter students show compassion for others in many ways, from learning about the responsibilities of consumption of resources to organizing food and clothing drives. Lamplighter students hear from diverse voices through the school year, during our annual International Night and a wide variety of guest performances, from Argentine folk dancers to the Dallas Black Dance Theater. In addition, the Lamplighter School strengthens its ties to the community through partnerships with local universities, museums, and foundations. The Lamplighter School also recognizes that some parents in our community require extended hours from the school, and so we offer an extended day program and summer classes. From this page you can find out more about our community outreach summer camps, partnerships, and more.