International Night

A relatively recent but very popular tradition at The Lamplighter School is International Night, held every spring since 2003.  Lamplighter embraces diversity in all its facets, striving to be a genuinely inclusive community; to that end, school families are invited to volunteer as ambassadors at booths displaying the unique aspects of the country they choose to represent. The School community “tours the world” on campus, learning facts about each country as they enjoy the food samples and craft projects, and hold out paper “passports” to be stamped at each booth.  Students may get henna tattoos at the Indian booth, fold paper origami at the Japanese booth, or nibble on pierogis at the Polish booth. International Night also features live entertainment; past performances have included bagpipers, African drummers, Irish dancers, Indian dancers, Brazilian capoeira practitioners, flamenco dancers, traditional Mexican music, displays of Chinese martial arts, and many more.  Fostering appreciation for the many cultures within the community and around the world, International Night is a prime example of students learning new things wrapped in the wonder of childhood.