Class Descriptions

2d game programming

In this course students will create 2D games using online coding resources used by professional game designers. Along with learning how to create their own game, students will also learn professional concepts and vocabulary used by programmers and game developers.

3D Printing Revolution

Introduce your child to the miracle of 3D Printing Technology! Campers will understand a 3D printer, its functions and learn the fundamentals of 3D printing to design and create their own amazing 3D objects using 3D pens, both in teams and individually. Each camper takes home a project at the end of the camp. All technology and materials are provided by Mad Science. 

Advaced Robotics with LEGO Mindstorms

A cutting-edge camp for the emerging inventor, designer, tinkerer, artist, and budding engineer. Designed for the young innovative and inventive minds that will MAKE our future. Activate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) thinking through exploration and creation in the topics of robotics, animation, coding, game design, electricity, energy, and mechanics. 

ai for the youngest

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a research field which studies how to realize the intelligent human behaviors on a computer. Students will learn about training a computer using data sets and predication when new data is supplied to the machine.

all music camp

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument, but not sure which one? Come to the All Music Camp! Learn and explore about a variety of instruments including the guitar, drum set, percussion, piano, and many more. You will also get the opportunity to learn beginner techniques to help you decide what instrument fits you the best. Even if you have experience playing an instrument, you can still enjoy learning about new instruments, and maybe find a new passion. This camp is open to musicians of all skill levels! Come on out to have fun and learn all about music.

All Sports Camp

Do you like sports? Then come to Coach Thompson’s All Sports Camp! At the All the Sports Camp, you will get to play any and every sport! This is an introductory camp which allows campers to learn the basics of the most fun team and individual sports. You will get to learn how to play basketball, football, soccer, kickball, baseball, hockey, and even more! 

art y sol

Campers will have an opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish language through art, dance and music. Learn fun facts about some famous artists, culture, and geography of different Hispanic countries. Campers will enhance their Spanish vocabulary through music, movement, art projects, storytelling, and games taught primarily in Spanish. Campers will be taught by native Spanish speakers in a bilingual format with approximately 75% of the class taught in Spanish. 

A Very Potter Summer

Let’s make a little magic of our own this summer as we transform Lamplighter into Hogwallers, the American branch campus of Hogwarts. No Slytherin or Gryffindor here (we’ve got our own house names). We will seek out our own wands and master the arts of spell casting. We’ll play an impromptu game of street level Quidditch. We might even sample a few Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Brush up on your Potter trivia and prepare for a wizard duel or two!


Come join us for summer dance fun! We will learn and review ballet steps, partake in exciting ballet crafts, count music, learn about various ballets and composers, and even learn a little ballet history.  We will also study variations from various ballets and learn a different dance each session implementing the choreography we have learned throughout the week.    

bases are loaded

HOME RUN!!! At Coach Thompson’s Bases Are Loaded camp you get to learn all the fun games revolving around baseball. Learn baseball, wiffle ball, stickball, tee ball, and even kickball. You will learn the fundamentals of base running, stealing home, hitting, and catching. We will fine tune our throwing skills and get you ready for the field. Don’t get thrown out at first base, come load the bases! We’ll see you on the diamond! 

Big Time Basketball Camp

At Coach Thompson’s Big-Time Basketball camp, you get to learn the basics of basketball. Run through fun drills to develop your dribbling and shooting skills. You will even get to learn and play classic, fun games like Around the world and Horse. We will see you on the court! 

B-OCCER Camp (Basketball/Soccer)

Do you love basketball? Do you love soccer? Well do we have a camp for you! Come to Coach Thompson’s B-OCCER Camp! You get to learn and play basketball and soccer all in one camp. This camp is fun for beginners and those who just like to play sports. You get to learn the fundamentals of both games, and hopefully turn this summer camp into a life-long passion. 

Bubble, Smoke, Explosion Jr. and Sr. 

Have fun with chemistry at an exciting camp! Make a crystal garden, synthesize your own slime, learn about our solar system by making a comet with everyday items, and have a shocking time with a Van de Graaff generator by experiencing lightning up close! 

Bump, Set, Spike

BUMP, SET, SPIKE! Volleyball camp will be fun for all ages! Kids will learn basic volleyball skills, good sportsmanship and teamwork in a fun, cooperative environment. We will practice individual skills such as serving, passing, setting and hitting, and we will play fun volleyball games like “King of the Court,” “Target,” and “Snake.” This camp is great for beginners – all ages welcome. Let’s have fun learning a new sport and working together at the same time! 


This class offers a combination of coding and robotics, in collaboration with technology from OZOBOTS, the leader in involving robots to master various coding techniques. The program utilizes advanced robots in the classroom in conjunction with cloud-based platform for writing and executing code. The coding is BLOCK BASED and is modeled after Google's Blockley. 


Chess camp is for students with all levels of chess experience. Seasoned players and beginners will all benefit from the daily lessons, chess history, and interactive play. Students will start by reviewing the basic moves and values of each piece, learn strategies, ask questions and progress to playing full games. Become part of a great tradition and start a lifetime of learning! This camp is hosted by the North Texas Chess Academy.

CoderZ Adventure

CoderZ Adventure introduces students to the basic concepts of programming: commands, delays, repeat loop, and the basics of robotics navigation using mathematics and trigonometry. These basic concepts develop through gamified mission student’s creativity, problem solving, computational thinking and more.

Don't Slip! Just Slide…Into Reading & Math

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation, but it can also be a fantastic time to learn and avoid the dreaded “summer slide." This academic class is a fantastic opportunity to give your child an engaging math and literacy experience, while also setting them up for a smooth transition and return to school in August. The session will be equally divided between literacy and math lessons with a 10-minute break between subjects.

football camp

Down…set…hike! At Coach Thompson’s Football camp, you get to learn the basics of football. Run through fun drills to develop your passing and catching skills. We will work on our knowledge of the game and run through NFL plays. You will even get to learn and play classic, fun games like “Two-hand touch" and “Flag Football.” We will see you on the field! 

from disney to broadway

See your child take the big stage this summer! In this camp, students explore what it takes to be a Broadway star. By the end of our time together, your child will grow in knowledge and confidence showcased in a fabulous final performance! Sing your favorite songs from Disney to Broadway; play your favorite characters and create fun scenes in a group; and learn basic dance moves that the stars use onstage. This camp is for all regardless of experience! All that is required is a love for music and a willingness to try new things! 

Fun Camp

FunCamp is a summer program offered for Early Childhood students entering Pre-K and Kindergarten. Each session includes projects and activities related to a theme. It is an exciting opportunity for social, physical, and academic growth. It is also a time to see old friends and make new ones. Themes include Safari and Science.

funny farmers

Do you like to laugh? Do you like making other people laugh? Then Funny Farmers Comedy for you! It's Lamplighter's own version of Saturday Night Live! We write and rehearse a completely new sketch comedy show every week on a particular theme. As always, a final performance of all student work will take place at the end of each week, so join us for a new show every Friday this summer! 

Game Show Marathon

COME ON DOWN! You're the next camper to try out some amazing and exciting game shows! Test your luck with Deal or No Deal and The Joker's Wild! Take the trivia challenge with Jeopardy! Get to the top of the $100,000 Pyramid! Buy a vowel on Wheel of Fortune! We will learn the game rules and strategies for playing, write the questions, and even create the prizes! Who knows? We might even invent a new game show or two! 

gaslight review

Let’s put on a musical theater review! All students get to choose their own songs and create a full-scale show with lighting, costumes, props, and of course, wonderful show tunes from Broadway and film. A special performance will take place in the auditorium showing off our talented thespians as they tread the boards and serenade you with all manner of musical theater magic!

Gymnastics & Tumbling

This camp experience will have your child smiling upside down! The benefits of gymnastics and tumbling are endless! Floor exercise, balance beam, bars, mini trampoline, and vaulting skills are explored along with tumbling and acro skills loved by boys and girls alike! Total body conditioning, core strength, grip strength, flexibility, and confidence will improve with the awesome PowerKids coaches!

hola amigos

Hola Amigo! Join us in a FUN, interactive and enriching environment for children to learn and become confident Spanish speakers. Every class begins with our mascot, Paulina Parrot, who greets the kids and reveals the emphasis of the day. Our class emphasis changes and incorporates age-appropriate songs, dance, crafts, games, and conversation to ensure every child remains engaged throughout the lesson. Each class will provide a review of the previous lessons to ensure the children retain their knowledge and continue to build confidence and vocabulary.

I'm a Songwriter!

Let's write a hit song together! In this camp, you'll learn how to write a song and all the steps that go into creating it and performing it. You'll explore a variety of sounds and instruments on GarageBand and will have a song of their own by the end of the week! 

Intro to Coding and Digital Robotics

Our future roboticists will start with some programming basics in a fun and interactive game that introduces coding and computer programming concepts to kids of all ages. Real programming logic is brought to life with experiments with an animated on-screen robot that teaches campers how to code using a block-coding language. 


jedi way

Just because the Skywalker saga and The Madalorian Season 2 are both over doesn’t mean we can’t feed our inner Jedi! Make and paint your own Light Saber! Draw the newest aliens for the Senate or the Mos Eisley cantina! We have X, Y, A, and B Wings, but can you design ships for all the other letters of the alphabet? Fly the Death Star trench in a fighter of your own design! Make the Kessel Run! Let's write the next chapter: Episode X: A Lamp Is Lit!

LEGO Brixology Engineers

Campers will learn all about design concepts and use engineering principles to create and build their models. These are working models that allow campers to see how objects work from the inside. They will build bridges, design elevators and vehicles, and see firsthand how a theme park uses engineering design to create fun rides!

Lights, Camera, Action iPad Film Making

In this course, we will explore the art of film. The class is designed for any young storytellers who are interested we will learn how to write, direct, and edit short films on iPads. Students will also learn the basic techniques of filmmaking and showcase their own creation at the end of camp. Kids will need an iPad with iMovie (Comes pre-downloaded on iPad, totally free.)

MIT Game Development
Developed in 2003 by the MIT Media Lab, the Scratch computer language used in this class is specifically designed for kids ages 7 to 16. In this class students will create animations and games using the Scratch computer language developed by MIT specifically to teach computer programming to kids. Our MIT Game Development class allows for students to learn all the major computer programming terms and concepts through block programming. The students make animations and games to learn terminology like variables, string processing, loops, and more.
Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Camp

Have your little one come out and play with us at Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners camp. We teach manners to children in a fun and interactive way, where they really retain what they learn. Lessons from table manners, to being a good host and guest, your student will leave each day from this camp with excitement to demonstrate to you their magnificent manners.

Mrs. McVeigh's Manners to the rescue

Feeling like your student may have forgotten his good manners and social skills? Mrs. McVeigh's Manners to the rescue! From table manners to spending time with friends and school interviews, take advantage of summer to brush up on these important skills in a fun and interactive way. You will be surprised how much your child will retain what they learn. Your student will leave each day from this camp with excitement to demonstrate to you their magnificent manners.

musical time machine

Jump into a musical time machine to learn about music from the past and present. In this camp, you'll take a journey through music from the past 75 years. We will be using GarageBand, and other music platforms to engage students in the exploration of music to fuel their creativity.

pokemon garage band

Gotta Catch 'Em All! Now your student can bring Pokemon and music together in this unique camp offering. Students are encouraged to bring their cards and their instruments to camp where they will learn to compose unique songs for their favorite characters with Garage Band! This class is a great way to engage your students socially and musically!

PowerKids Sports & Strength

This exciting camp is LOADED with sports skills, active games, obstacle courses, movement adventures and more! Each day is unique and different to keep girls and boys engaged and feeling success! Strength, agility and overall body conditioning will increase with goal setting and confidence boosting challenges. Teamwork and sportsmanship go hand-in-hand with this total child development experience. No experience necessary to love this camp ALL summer long! Coached by the amazing coaches of PowerKids!

princess camp

Find a happily ever after with twirling tiaras and tutus! Learn Disney songs, play princess games through creative movement, crafts, imagination, and etiquette. Learn how to walk, talk, and dance like a true Princess. Students will create props and perform a short routine for family and friends at the end of the week!

purposeful play

Your child will spend valuable time with Ms. Curlin taking mindful hikes through the gardens and creek area and spending quiet time in yoga practice. Students will be encouraged to keep a log of their time outside with the use of water colors on paper. The purpose of this class is to help foster a greater awareness of self, improve our yoga skills, and to have fun! Mat will be provided. Kindergarten students must be enrolled in morning FunCamp.

raise your voice

As a partner of The Royal Conservatory, DIMA is proud to exclusively provide this one of a kind camp, designed around their curriculum. This camp uses music, theory, drama, and speech to help your student develop their voice, presence and confidence to be future musicians and leaders of DFW and beyond!

Rock Out With Beyblades

Calling all Beyblade fans! This camp is designed to help kids "Let It Rip!" on the electric guitar. Students will learn to play their favorite Beyblade tunes in a rock band setting. We encourage students to bring in their Beyblades with their instruments to entertain and energize their studies and performances!

secret agent lab

Learn to spy - oh, my! James Bond? MacGyver? Do you have what it takes to discover "Who done it"? If so, this camp is for you! Explore secret communications, detective crime science, inner workings of our cells, and cool chemistry. 

Silly, Sappy, Super Sports

Can you play soccer holding two cups of water and not spill a drop? Have you tried to be a human robot and have to make your way out of the most complicated maze in the world? Would you like to engage in a game of scooter kick ball? This is the camp for you! Play some of the silliest and sappiest games this side of The Wide World of Sports!  Every Friday, we’ll invent our own games for a chance to be enshrined in the Silly Sappy Super Sports Book for next summer’s games!

silly symphony

Students will learn about all the instruments of the orchestra during five days of movement, games, and instruction. Activities will include an instrument building workshop and an instrument petting zoo. Parents will be invited to a final performance from our Silly Symphony where students will perform using their own creations from camp.

Skip The Practice - Fun With Piano

Skip the practice at home and help your child get a jump start with daily lessons in piano. In this camp, your student will spend their time learning new piano repertoire of classical music and their favorite melodies/songs. They will participate in fun-filled musical games focusing on music theory and music history. Promoting self-esteem and confidence is pivotal at this early age, thus, students will perform for one another daily and will find ways through the music language to praise each other's performances. Sign up for one or all four weeks. All experience levels welcome. 

Skip The Practice - Fun With Violin

Skip the practice at home and help your child get a jump start with daily lessons in violin. In this camp, your student will spend their time learning new violin repertoire of classical music and their favorite melodies/songs. They will participate in fun-filled musical games focusing on music theory and music history. Promoting self-esteem and confidence is pivotal at this early age, thus, students will perform for one another daily and will find ways through the music language to praise each other's performances. Sign up for one or all four weeks. All experience levels accepted. 

So, You Want To Be A Rockstar?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a ROCKSTAR? In this camp, you'll learn the ins and outs of being a rockstar and what kind of hard work it takes to get there. We will explore a wide variety of music and learn about past and present rockstars and the history of their music. 

splash into reading and math

This fun-filled, themed camp will include one-hour devoted to math skills practice and development, followed by a one-hour camp focusing on literacy instruction that includes letters and sounds review, blending, segmenting, manipulating words, learning sight words, and more. Songs, stories, games, and activities blended with intensive skills training offers the perfect summertime balance for our youngest learners.

stem challenge

What are some problems engineers and scientists are facing today? Time to build, test, and even re-test our designs! How can rockets fly further? How much hail can a house withstand during a storm? These are just a few of the problems we will study and solve during a week full of STEM-tastic fun! 

STEM into Reading Jr. and Sr.

STEM Into Reading uses acclaimed, STEM-focused picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels to inspire a love of science and storytelling while improving reading skills. Students experience a wide variety of exciting, hands-on STEM labs while participating in a STEM-tastic book club! 

superhero art

Almost as long as there have been superhero comics, there have also been superhero cartoons in the movies and on TV. Less than two years after he premiered in Action Comics #1, Superman made his cartoon debut in 1941. Grab your sketchpad as we learn about and watch some of the greatest superhero cartoons of all time from the 1940’s to the present. We’ll even doodle and scrawl a few original adventures and create new heroes and villains of our own! 

super soccer camp

All about Soccer! At Coach Thompson’s All about soccer camp, you get to learn the basics of soccer and run through fun drills to develop your soccer skills. You will even get to play real games! Bring your shin guards and cleats, and we will see you out on the pitch! 

ukulele awesomeness

Treat your child to a crash course in all things ukulele! Kids learn all about this small but mighty instrument! Students will learn basic melodies, simple chords and TAB notation. By the end of the week they'll be able to play an entire song! Plus, ukulele is a great stepping stone toward learning guitar!

Ultimate Guitar Camp

Bring your guitar and learn all your favorite songs, along with other classic songs. Over the course of the week, campers will learn basic techniques, chords, and styles in order to continue growth or begin a new hobby. Come strum along!

who is doctor who?

The world-famous Lamplighter Doctor Who club continues its operations this summer! Students get the option of choosing their favorite episodes, as well as viewing forgotten classics! We’ll write new entries into the ever-growing Lamplighter episode guide, have some deep dive discussions about the show, and celebrate with the Prize Pile!

yippee yoga

Let’s play yoga! Students will have fun learning yoga poses and breathing techniques through stories and games. Children will develop strength and flexibility, increase focus and concentration, build self-esteem and confidence, and learn how to relax with their own personal lavender filled eye pillows.