Class Descriptions - Summer 2023

a very potter summer

Let’s make a little magic of our own this summer as we transform Lamplighter into Hogwallers, the American branch campus of Hogwarts. No Slytherin or Gryffindor here (we’ve got our own house names). We will seek out our own wands and master the arts of spell casting. We’ll play an impromptu game of street level Quidditch. We might even sample a few Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Brush up on your Potter trivia and prepare for a wizard duel or two! 

AI for kids

Do you have a kid who is creative or interested in technology? Have you ever wanted to know about/know how to use AI? Well, you’re in luck, because this is the summer camp for you! We’re now in a world where even very young students can use free-online AI tools to generate essays, stories, and even music, television or games. In this new world, kids can cultivate their own creativity at young ages by doing projects like creating AI symphonies, working with partners and AI to create animated books, and generating AI animations. Along the way, they’ll gain access to a suite of tools that can help with homework in the future, build familiarity with the new AI world we’re moving into, and — importantly — understand when and when not to use this powerful new tool. *Note that this is creative class for younger students and not a coding class.*

Anime art adventure

For years, Mr. Peck has been a doodler, drawing ships and mecha from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, but the doodles he loves the most are from Anime! (That's a nickname for Japanese animation). Great classics like Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets, and Voltron are paired with modern shows like Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh and more! Pick up your sketch pads as we watch classic anime clips from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today, then draw the characters in new adventures. We'll even make up our own shows on paper to "sell" as the next big anime show! 


Come join us for summer dance fun! We will learn and review ballet steps, partake in exciting ballet crafts, count music, learn about various ballets and composers, and even learn a little ballet history. We will also study variations from various ballets and learn a different dance each session implementing the choreography we have learned throughout the week.

basketball skills and drills

Coach Gerald will introduce the game of basketball through various and fun drills so that even the youngest players can establish a strong foundation. Participants will learn how to dribble, pass, and shoot while learning the rules and regulations of the game. Footwork techniques will be introduced as participants build character. No prior experience necessary!

basketball academy

Do you want to step up your game? Join Coach Gerald on the court! Learn the proper way to dribble, pass, and shoot through various drills while applying footwork techniques that are sure to improve your game. Strengthening character and teamwork skills will be emphasized. All abilities are welcomed.

bubbles, smoke, and explosions!

Have fun with chemistry at an exciting camp! Make a crystal garden, synthesize your own slime, learn about our solar system by making a comet with everyday items, and have a shocking time with a Van de Graaff generator by experiencing lightning up close!

chess tactics and strategies

This class is for students with all levels of chess experience. Seasoned players and beginners alike will benefit from the daily lessons, chess history, and interactive play. Students will start by reviewing the fundamentals, then progress to more advanced tactics and strategies. They will have a chance to ask questions and challenge their peers to full games. Become part of a great tradition and start a lifetime of learning! 

coding bootcamp

Step into the exciting world of robotics! Future roboticists start with programming basics in a fun and interactive game that introduces coding and programming logic. Campers learn sequencing, directionality, and problem solving with a programmable robot. Through hand-on interactions, real programming logic is brought to life and children become robot artists!

cooking summertime showdown

Throughout this camp we will be embarking on a culinary adventure filled with flavor, curiosity, and of course, fun! Our travels will take us across the continents in a whirlwind of tasty treats, uncommon delicacies, and environmental stewardship - because knowing where our food comes from is just as important as knowing how to cook it. Every single day we will be going chef-to-chef/country-to-country to see which dish can take the win in: Plating & Presentation | TASTE | Sustainability | CREATIVITY. Without further ado, chefs, travelers, pack your appetites and Let's Get Cookin'!

crafty crafts and creative snacks

Come join us for some crafting fun and tasty snacks while we create and decorate! During this session, we will make jewelry, decorate pillowcases, paint jewelry boxes, and make other exciting crafts throughout our week. While we take a break from crafting, we will make creative and tasty snacks to fill our tummies. Think popcorn/fruit butterflies and Nutella/cracker/pretzel spiders, saving samples for a take-home treat.  

d.j. next generation

Learn the art and science of sound engineering with professionals from the field. Local professional engineers teach students how to work with sound and make your own music. Students will have hands-on practice connecting PA systems, running a mixing board and setting up a stage for a performance. You are the composer and the DJ. This camp culminates with a live performance fully mixed by students.

disney to broadway 

See your child take the big stage this summer! In this camp, students explore what it takes to be a Broadway star. By the end of our time together, your child will grow in knowledge and confidence showcased in a fabulous final performance! Sing your favorite songs, from Disney to Broadway; play your favorite characters and create fun scenes in a group; and learn basic dance moves that the stars use onstage. This camp is for all regardless of experience. All that is required is a love for music and a willingness to try new things.

dive into reading and math

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation, but it can also be a fantastic time to learn and avoid the dreaded “summer slide." This academic class is a fantastic opportunity to give your child an engaging math and literacy experience, while also setting them up for a smooth transition and return to school in August. The session will be equally divided between literacy and math lessons with a 10-minute break between subjects.

the drama creators society

Create an original play over the course of the week with your friends. Play a character you've always wanted to play on stage (even a living muffin)! Create a new world or have fun with an existing one. Hold the world premiere performance of your original show on Friday. Feed your inner playwright and your imagination.

dungeons and dragons

Have you ever wanted to play the nationally-known game Dungeons and Dragons? Stretch your imagination telling stories with your friends, and build useful creative skills? What about play the game they do in Stranger Things? Well this is your chance! In this camp, we'll be exploring collaborative storytelling through Dungeons and Dragons. Along the way, we'll develop social and emotional skills that will serve us well outside of the RPG.

the first tee golf program

This class is designed to instruct basic golf skills through an innovative curriculum developed by The First Tee Golf Association. The program was created in association with the PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour and Masters Association. The provided curriculum modifies the four basic shots of golf including putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing. Equipment is designed for young children with oversized club faces, color coded grips, and target oriented training tools and alignment markings. Each activity empowers young people to explore their abilities and develop life-enhancing values along the way. This program is perfect for a beginner golfer and young children wanting to explore the sport.

flow lab

Students will be making games and animations using Flow Lab. Flow lab introduces the foundational skills needed to become a computer programmer. Students will enjoy the process of programming through projects that engage them and allow for their creativity to shine. 

Fun camp

Fun Camp is a summer program offered for Early Childhood students entering Pre-K and Kindergarten. Each session consists of art, story time, outdoor and indoor play, music, water play, games, movement, and so much more. It is an exciting opportunity for social, physical, and academic growth. It is also a time to see old friends and make new ones. This year's themes include Summer Fun and ABC Animals.

the funny farmers

Do you like to laugh? Do you like making other people laugh? The Funny Farmers Comedy for you! It's Lamplighter's own version of Saturday Night Live! We write and rehearse a completely new sketch comedy show every week on a particular theme. As always, a final performance of all student work will take place at the end of each week, so join us for a new show every Friday this summer! 

game show marathon

COME ON DOWN! You're the next camper to try out some amazing and exciting game shows! Test your luck with Deal or No Deal and The Joker's Wild! Take the trivia challenge with Jeopardy. Get to the top of the $100,000 Pyramid. Buy a vowel on Wheel of Fortune. We will learn the game rules and strategies for playing, write the questions, and even create the prizes. Who knows? We might even invent a new game show or two! 

glide into reading and math

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation, but it can also be a fantastic time to learn and avoid the dreaded “summer slide." This academic class is a fantastic opportunity to give your child an engaging math and literacy experience, while also setting them up for a smooth transition and return to school in August. The session will be equally divided between literacy and math lessons with a 10-minute break between subjects.

graphic design

Interested in drawing, art, or design? In this camp, you’ll learn how to use your doodling skills for real, by doing design projects for local nonprofits or small businesses. You will learn how to make professional posters and art that people want to pay for, and you’ll ultimately design posters and ads for real organizations with good causes. Our students' work has been featured in ads and online Instagram posts by the Special Olympics, Martha's Kitchen, and the Dallas-grown bubble tea company Fat Straws.

hola amigos

Hola, amigo! Join us in a FUN, interactive and enriching environment for children to learn and become confident Spanish speakers. Every class begins with our mascot, Paulina Parrot, who greets the kids and reveals the emphasis. Our class emphasis changes and incorporates age-appropriate songs, dance, crafts, games, and conversation to ensure every child remains engaged throughout the lesson. Each class will provide a review of the previous lessons to ensure the children retain their knowledge and continue to build confidence and vocabulary. 

improv olympics

If you like to make things up on the spot, want to get better at making things up on the spot or want to learn how to make things up on the spot, this camp is for you. Though a series of games and exercises, we’ll learn how all those amazing people on Whose Line Is It Anyway and Saturday Night Live create the funny out of nothing. We’ll also have a special performance at the end of the week.

Insect hotel

Learn all about the secret life of our tiniest friends - insects! In this camp, students will learn about insect life cycles, where and how to find insects and which ones to attract to our backyards. Camp activities include making insect traps such as pitfalls, beat sheets, and nets, insect scavenger hunts, nature walks, creating insect models and a visit from a beekeeper. The camp culminates with the creation of an insect hotel to take home.

Intro to Robotics

Join us in red-hot robot exploration! Discover the inner workings of robots, experiment with circuits, sensors and power supplies. Explore sound sensing, line tracking and solar power robots. Build your own robot to keep!

Intro to the world of chess

This class is for students new to or at a beginner level of chess. Students will start by reviewing the rules of chess, then progress to fundamentals including values of each piece, opening strategies, checkmate patterns, and basic tactics. Students will ask questions, learn about chess in a historical context, and progress to playing full games. Become part of a great tradition and start a lifetime of learning! 

the jedi way

Just because the Skywalker saga and The Madalorian Season 2 are both over doesn’t mean we can’t feed our inner Jedi! Make and paint your own Light Saber! Draw the newest aliens for the Senate or the Mos Eisley cantina! We have X, Y, A, and B Wings, but can you design ships for all the other letters of the alphabet? Fly the Death Star trench in a fighter of your own design! Make the Kessel Run! Let's write the next chapter: Episode X: A Lamp Is Lit!

lego brixology engineers

Build a different LEGO project, inspired by an engineering theme, in each class. Explore engineering fields including mechanical, structural, aerospace, nautical, and bioengineering. Use critical thinking, cooperation, and creative problem-solving to test and improve creations. Experience extended learning with a take home toy to reinforce each concept.

let's jump

This class includes jump rope activities for all skill levels. Activities vary daily and combine jump rope basics with relays, obstacle courses, single rope, double rope, music and games. Jump rope is a fun and approachable way to build endurance, develop cardiovascular health, and improve coordination, agility, and balance. This program is a fun first way to fitness! 

let's play yoga

We'll play lots of yoga games and have fun doing poses in yoga stories. Campers will create some of their own new poses, games, and yoga stories. Activities will also include making lavender eye pillows for relaxing at the end of class and breathlets to encourage deep breathing. They'll take them home at the end of camp. They'll also take home tools to calm themselves as we use Savasana pose to find peace.

level up gaming using lego materials

Come and join our exciting “offline” video game experience where we give the controllers a rest and put your building skills to the test as we bring your favorite characters from the virtual world to the real world. Using LEGO, we will build worlds for Mario to jump through, mechanisms to make Sonic spin and take down Robotnik, as well as your own custom Smash Bros. arenas to battle in. Under the guidance of a Play-Well instructor, you will gear up to take down the final boss. Are you game?

little inventors

Are you ready to innovate? Get your creative juices flowing in this project based program, where you will identify the need for an invention, think on your feet, and create structures and solutions. Campers also learn about famous inventors and internalize how recent innovations improve our lives.

Mandalorian Missions using LEGO Materials

Master The Way of the Mandalorian in this Star Wars-inspired LEGO engineering experience. Venture through the galaxy in your custom gauntlet fighter to rescue Baby Yoda, and build grappling hooks to pull ourselves to safety or rescue an ally from the treacherous Sarlacc Pit. Allow our Play-Well instructor to help get you ready to complete multiple missions all over the galaxy.


Mickey's Fairytale Adventures using LEGO Materials

Come join our fun and knowledgeable Play-Well Instructors as we use LEGO materials to recreate our favorite animated friends and their worlds. After building our most beloved princesses, villains and sidekicks, get ready to rescue princes and princesses from towers, explore enchanted castles, and maybe even fly on a magic carpet or two. All we need is your creativity and a little magic to bring it all to life!

MIT Game Development

Students will be making games and animations using the block based language Scratch. This programming language was developed by MIT to introduce the foundational skills needed to become a computer programmer. Students will enjoy the process of programming through projects that engage them and allow for their creativity to shine. 

My First Food Truck
Campers select a food theme, choose an ideal location, identify target
customers, design appealing menus, and form a comprehensive business
plan covering strategy, marketing, operations and finance, including
capital-raising needs. Activities include drafting mission statements,
setting prices, estimating expenses, and learning key financial metrics. This
program offers a tasty way to develop business savvy! Note: no food is handled at camp.
My First Lemonade Stand

Let's sell lemonade! Young campers become "lemonade entrepreneurs"
and learn how to make yummy lemonade and earn money selling it!
From designing marketing flyers to estimating profits to experimenting
with recipes, campers have fun all week while developing business savvy.
As an optional showcase event, campers launch the lemonade stand on
Friday to raise money for a charity they select!

My First Passport

This fun camp helps students develop a global mindset and build international awareness early in life, an important skill in today's increasingly
interconnected world. Students explore cultural differences across countries,
languages, currencies, country flags, geography games, famous landmarks, current global events, diplomacy and come up with solutions to global problems like hunger, poverty, and pollution. 

My First Piggy Bank

Earn, save, spend, donate! Let's learn about money! This innovative program
provides a solid foundation on financial literacy for kids in a fun setting.
Games and hands-on activities help campers internalize key concepts (like
money, budgeting, and saving) in an engaging and supportive environment
fostering teamwork. Students use their arts and crafts skills to make their own
piggy banks.

nasa space exploration

Blast-off on knowledge of flight! This camp is an exciting study on rockets. Campers build their own rockets and planes, experiment with propulsion systems, launch and recover rockets! Each day, campers create amazing things to take home.

Net Generation Tennis

USTA Net Generation tennis is a nationally recognized program designed to introduce young children to the sport. The program is designed to teach the fundamentals without courts through a curriculum focused on learning the basic skills. Each skill is combined with fun games and exercises to reinforce the learning experience. The skills introduced are serve, volley, overhead, backhand/forehand. Tennis etiquette and rules of the game are also introduced. This is an ideal learning experience for children to gain confidence and interest. All equipment is provided by USTA.

NFL Play 60 Flag Football

Kidokinetics is pleased to partner with NFL Flag Football to provide this fun program. Flag Football enables participants to learn and play the game in a tackle-free environment. Players are taught the fundamentals of football, teamwork, and sportsmanship while building confidence. Our coaches utilize NFL provided curriculum to develop the necessary skills to be successful including agility, speed, coordination, strength and accuracy. 


Have you ever wanted to be a photographer? Well, this is your chance! In this camp, we’ll learn the basics of photography, in all of its forms. We’ll learn about composition, lighting, and other core strategies that allow professionals to take incredible photos. We’ll also get to take pictures of campus, explore nature, and even create beautiful creations for local businesses!

pickle ball pandemonium

Experience the new sports craze for young boys and girls! This class is the perfect hybrid of tennis, badminton, and table tennis! This program provides a fast-moving, energetic, teamwork-oriented environment that is approachable and engaging. Key skills include agility, speed, accuracy, precision, reaction, and overall coordination. The game utilizes wood paddles and a perforated polymer ball (whiffle type) on a court surface modified for small court play.

pokemon wow

f you love Pokémon but wish the monsters you thought up in your imagination could be real Pokémon cards, then this is the class for you! Leave your old decks at home because we’re designing our own. Battle with your own set of special edition Lamplighter Pokémon cards that you and your friends will design!  We’ll also get to watch some classic Poke-clips from our favorite cartoon, try to FINALLY get Pikachu back in his Poke-ball, and invent new ways to catch them all!

robotics and physics with legos

This class allows kids to get up close and personal with hands-on science experiments! Throughout the course of the week, students will rotate through experiments on different science themes. Each day there will be a selection of hands-on activities and crafts, as well as reading together some age-appropriate books on the topic so that students not only have a blast but also learn pertinent science vocabulary and leave camp with a better conceptual understanding of a variety of science topics.

scratch jr.

Students will create fun games and animations as they learn computational thinking. Students’ creativity will be on display through their project creation, interactive stories, games and activities. This is an early learning coding class using block programming.

secret agent lab: 007 STEM

Learn to spy - oh, my! James Bond? MacGyver? Do you have what it takes to discover "who done it"? If so, this camp is for you! Explore secret communications, detective crime science, inner workings of our cells, and cool chemistry.

Silly sappy super sports

Can you play soccer holding two cups of water and not spill a drop? Have you tried to be a human robot and have to make your way out of the most complicated maze in the world? Would you like to engage in a game of scooter kick ball?  his is the camp for you!  lay some of the silliest and sappiest games this side of The Wide World of Sports! Every Friday, we’ll invent our own games for a chance to be enshrined in the Silly Sappy Super Sports Book for next summer’s games.

slide into reading and math

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation, but it can also be a fantastic time to learn and avoid the dreaded “summer slide." This academic class is a fantastic opportunity to give your child an engaging math and literacy experience, while also setting them up for a smooth transition and return to school in August. The session will be equally divided between literacy and math lessons with a 10-minute break between subjects.

soar into reading and math

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation, but it can also be a fantastic time to learn and avoid the dreaded “summer slide." This academic class is a fantastic opportunity to give your child an engaging math and literacy experience, while also setting them up for a smooth transition and return to school in August. The session will be equally divided between literacy and math lessons with a 10-minute break between subjects.

splash into reading and math

Splash into Literacy & Math Camp will be a great way to get your child ready to enter Kindergarten with more confidence by diving into the Big 5 Pond! The program will include, explicit phonemic awareness instruction, systematic, explicit phonics, vocabulary instruction, and reading comprehension work. The Big 5 will be taught in a fun, hands on experience with lots of games and small group interaction. The students will also immerse themselves in numbers, sequencing ,patterns and exploration of numbers everywhere!

spy camp

Students will explore some basic elements of cryptography and secrecy. The purpose of the camp is to give students a crash course on how to keep data confidential and safe and learn basic spy skills.

storytime science

Enjoy storytime classics and exciting, new books while exploring fun science projects related to each story. Students will love learning engineering principles with Rosie Revere Engineer, seeing how a real Hungry Caterpillar goes through its life cycle, saying Goodnight, Moon as we learn about lunar cycles, and more!

superhero art

Up...up...and away with an awesome hero (and villain) experience! We'll get to doodle our way through heroes from the late 1930s to today, spend a day with everybody's favorite bad guys, and wrap up the week creating heroes (or villains) of our own! Students will get to keep a sketchbook of all their art during the course of the week and enjoy some vintage and modern hero cartoons as well!

superhero and princess

Find yourself through Disney characters! Learn Disney songs, play princess and superhero games! Learn to talk, sing, and dance like a true superhero and princess through fun crafts, creative movement, imaginative games, and etiquette activities. Students will create props and perform songs and routines with classmates in a fun-filled environment. 

Superhero you-niversity

This class is an unforgettable experience in movement and motor development. It's like having a personal trainer and a confidence-specialist all in one! This extraordinary class develops the total child. Core and grip strength improvements will help with handwriting, focus and behavior. Fun challenges, obstacle courses, and ropes, along with goal-setting and success build positive self esteem, sportsmanship, and courage in every child no matter their pace. There is a Superhero in ALL of us!! Find your SuperPowers with PowerKids!

super sports sampler

Kidokinetics Super Sports Sampler programs are designed to provide a fun, healthy week of exercise, games, nutrition and sports activities. Each class introduces a new sport or sport activity teaching the skills and drills associated with the sport. Sports activities include Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball/T-ball, Football, Hockey, Obstacle Course, Hula Hoops, Jump Rope, PE games, Jai Lai (scoop ball), Throw & Catch, Relays and Parachute activities. This program is a fun, first introduction to sports for children of all abilities! 

tumbling and gymnastics

This class experience will have your child smiling upside-down! The benefits of tumbling and gymnastics are endless. Total body conditioning, balance, spacial awareness, core and grip strength, flexibility, and confidence, just to name a few! Floor exercise, tumbling, balance beam, bars, mini-trampoline and springboard skills are exciting to learn. Creative movement with some jammin' tunes keep the energy flowing. Join us and be amazed what your body can do!

ukulele melee

Treat your child to a course in all thing's ukulele! Kids learn about this small but mighty instrument. Students will learn melodies, chords, and how to read rhythms and TAB notation. By the end of the course, they will be able to play melodies and strum chords to sing along with. Plus, ukulele is a great stepping stone toward learning guitar.

unconventional art extravaganza

Students will get to explore a wide variety of unconventional mediums and unusual projects. From painting with squeegees, to clear canvases, pressing flowers, quilled paper, to collaging with recyclables and found objects, students will have the opportunity to create several personalized projects based on their interests. Each project will be entirely their own. With help choosing materials, and guidance through the art process, students will be assisted in making their imagination become a reality. 

usa archery fundamentals

Kidokinetics USA Archery Fundamentals program is designed for elementary girls and boys. Archery was introduced into the US Olympics in 1900 and one of the first sports to include both men and women in a sporting event. The sport thrives today with skills including focus, concentration, coordination, balance, clarity of mind, strength, stability and more. As an official partner of USA Archery, our camps utilize professional equipment with the support of a nationally recognized curriculum. Coaches are certified by USA Archery for safety and quality of curriculum presentation.

video games unplugged using lego materials

Level up your LEGO engineering skills in this video game-inspired experience. Our Play-Well instructors bring your favorite video game characters and experiences to real life. Using LEGO, learn Link’s signature moves to defeat enemies, build mechanisms to make sonic spin and take out Robotnik, and even build go-karts to challenge Mario and friends in a race for the Mushroom Cup. All the fun of a video game adventure without the screen!

volleyball fundamentals

This class introduces the fundamentals of the sport in a fun-first, confidence-building environment. During each class, our coaches will instruct participants in the basics of the game including passing, serving, setting, hitting, blocking and digging. Games, match simulation, and skill development support the player development. This program is perfect for entry level boys and girls interested in learning this exciting team sport!

web design html/css

Students will learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS through the creation of their own personal website. Students will be given the opportunity to explore their interest in design and creating websites. 

weird nature science

Have you ever wanted to be a scientist? Or to increase your understanding of the natural world? Well, you’re in luck! In this camp, we’ll be learning about physics and the natural world through fun, easy science experiments that you can take home. We’ll learn about states of matter through building volcanos, and we’ll learn about sound through creating ‘naturally occurring’ speakers. It’s the perfect summer camp if you love science, nature, engineering, or just making things blow up.

who is doctor who

The world-famous Doctor Who fan club continues its operations this Summer in real life and on Twitter (@WhoKidsLL)!  Students get the option of choosing their favorite episodes, as well as viewing forgotten classics!  We’ll write episode reviews (and record them in our Who Review) make Dalek jokes, draw fan art and perhaps talk to a guest or two who makes the show!

young debator

Campers learn the art of persuasion and help select debate topics they find
interesting. In a public forum debate format, campers work in groups and
practice their debating skills in a supportive environment, including
developing arguments, issuing rebuttals, providing examples, rebuilding
their case and summarizing points of view. Campers learn to think on their
feet and enhance their public-speaking skills, gaining self-confidence in the