The Lamplighter School places a strong emphasis on rigorous education combined with a social-emotional program that emphasizes respect, compassion, creativity, and confidence.

Our curriculum is based on a school-wide six-day schedule which gives Lamplighter students the time to enjoy artistic and creative classes in addition to core academics. Our Drama, Music, and Art programs reflect a belief that as children develop creative expression in a safe environment, they also build critical thinking skills and grow emotionally. Varied methods of instruction promote exploration and critical thinking, as well as student participation and engagement. The Fine and Performing Arts curricula are optimal for providing challenges and extensions for exceptional students, as well as consideration for multiple intelligences and cooperative learning. Here you can learn more about our drama, art, and music programs, explore the ways in which Lamplighter students develop collaboration and creativity in our MakerSpace, and see how compassion and confidence are the building blocks of Lamplighter entrepreneurship.