In Lamplighter’s drama program, students are introduced to stories, creative movement, sequencing, retelling, and characterization.

They learn to express themselves through oral, written, and physical means. These skills, combined with those acquired through the music program, lead to the creation, design, production, and performance of a capstone project, the Senior Opera in fourth grade.

Students perform beginning in Kindergarten choosing existing material or writing their own. Drama often integrates with the grade level classroom curricula to enhance the learning experience and provide developmental opportunities in different ways. Highlights of the drama program include the Living Zoo performed by Kindergarten and Transitional First; First Grade’s Holiday and Five Senses plays; Second Grade’s Everyday Kids and Pioneer monologues; Third Grade’s Native American Myths, Chicken Plays and Mars Plays, and Fourth Grade’s Improv Olympics, as well as the crown jewel of the Fourth Grade Drama program, the student-created Senior Operas.