Lamplighter Layers

Lamplighter Layers is a student-run corporation managed by the fourth grade class. The egg-selling business is more than 50 years old, having begun in 1970 with the goals of providing young students with the opportunity to practice cooperation, respect, and responsibility in an entrepreneurial format. Each year, chickens are chosen by third grade students, who use research skills to build criteria for a healthy and productive flock, and then vote on the results. The chosen chicks are observed by third graders for several months; by the end of the school year, they are old enough to be carried by the students to the barn. When third graders graduate to fourth grade, they assume leadership of the Lamplighter Layers Corporation. The corporation is modeled on standard business structure and practices, even incorporating Robert’s Rules of Order to guide monthly meetings in which egg production, finances, marketing, and philanthropy are discussed. Freshly laid eggs are collected and sold on Fridays during carpool pickup. Near the end of their senior year, fourth graders vote to share a portion of the proceeds of their business with various charities. While the foundations of Lamplighter Layers are steeped in tradition, the future of the corporation is as unique as each senior class that strives to discover the company’s potential.