Pre-K Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market is an annual event, held in the spring, in which Lamplighter’s youngest students hone early entrepreneur and social skills. On this day, pre-K students sell crops from the gardens they tended all year in Environmental Science, as well as bags of compost, popcorn, popsicles, garden markers, and clay pots made in art class.  Students also make their own signs for the market, labelling each item and writing the price. Faculty, staff and other students walk by the tables and use pennies to purchase items that catch their eye.

With guidance, the Pre-K students greet customers, explain the prices, and add the costs together before making the sale. Sometimes the students, in their eagerness to make a sale, will talk up the products or even offer discounts! Although each item costs pennies, it all adds up, and then the philanthropic aspect of the program comes into play. The profits are donated to charities such as the North Texas Food Bank.  Last year, the students donated over $70, which was enough to feed 210 people at the Food Bank. The Farmer’s Market teaches our youngest learners the power of giving and empathizing with those in need.  It serves as an introduction to the same entrepreneurial and social skills the Lower School students will use in the egg-selling business, Lamplighter Layers, in fourth grade.