Kids with cardboard


Located next to the Teaching Kitchen, Lamplighter’s MakerSpace is where students design, explore, test out, build, improve, and try again.

From making models with scissors and found cardboard to printing rockets with the 3-D printer, students from every grade find creative expression while working on different projects, integrated units, and hands-on project-based learning in the MakerSpace.

Our youngest learners cut, tape, and build with cardboard, learning shapes and designs. First grade works on STEM challenges with cardboard, paper, foil, and other tools (even safety cutters known as klever kutters).  By using these materials from an early age, students are able to learn and grow and become comfortable with them.  When second graders build their landmarks for the State Fair, they are ready and confident with the supplies and tools that are provided.  Second grade projects are often tied to the units of study in the classroom. Some of the projects include creating landmarks, pumpkin geoboards, building challenges with different materials and candle making. 

Third graders use the MakerSpace for large projects on a regular basis, including the cardboard arcade game challenge, TinkerCAD projects, designing haunted houses, designing 3D models and printing chicks.