Mission Statement

Dedicated to igniting the potential of each child, Lamplighter engages children in the joy of learning through intellectual discovery in a creative, inclusive, and collaborative environment.


Lamplighter Core Commitments

Lamplighter promotes academic excellence through an innovative curriculum and teaching that cultivates the potential in each child in an ever-changing world.

Lamplighter actively engages young children in the joy of learning, teaching them to be tomorrow’s problem solvers and laying the foundation for lifelong learning. 

Lamplighter develops character, confidence, and collaborative skills through social and emotional curriculum. 

Lamplighter embraces diversity in all its facets, striving to be a genuinely inclusive community, respectful of social and cultural differences and seeking broader understanding of the world. 

Lamplighter encourages curiosity and creativity through hands-on learning, prizing and preserving the discovery and wonder of childhood.


Statement of Inclusion

A community of varied voices will strengthen the education of Lamplighter students and enrich the lives of all of its members. Lamplighter will, therefore, strive for the lamps that we light to reflect the ever-changing community in which we reside. We value individuality and encourage all children to reach their potential, while respecting their similarities and differences. We are united in purpose and committed to working together to accomplish the mission of The Lamplighter School.