The Lamplighter School places a strong emphasis on rigorous education combined with a social-emotional program that emphasizes respect, compassion, creativity, and confidence.

Our curriculum is based on a school-wide six-day schedule which enables us to include regular instruction in valuable programs such as science, language, and physical education. In Early Childhood, students learn through play, exploration, and collaborative experiences that integrate many content areas into one thematic unit of study. Lower School students are given daily instruction in the core subjects of literacy and math, with additional classes such as technology, science, and Spanish on a rotating schedule. Lamplighter’s approach to education is not to merely fill students’ heads with facts but to teach students how to question, find information, and think critically. Lamplighter students are confident and respect differences of opinion. Students learn to make connections between ideas, connect their ideas with the real world, and understand those connections through personal experiences. Here you can learn more about our Early Childhood and Lower School programs, see some of our special area programs, and get to know our dedicated teachers.