Black History Month was celebrated at Lamplighter throughout the month of February with academic resources provided by the School’s classroom teachers and librarians, combined with enriching videos provided by parent and student volunteers. Lamplighter Parents’ Association (LPA) Cultural Awareness Co-Chair Katrina Harper coordinated a library of videos featuring current Lamplighter students. Each video lesson spotlighted a historical figure, such as inventor and engineer Lonnie Johnson, artist Alma Johnson, ballerina Raven Wilkinson, poet Amanda Gorman, and NASA Engineer Mary W. Jackson. During the grade-level lessons, students had the opportunity to learn from their own classmates about the impact and significance of these individuals.

In late February, Black History Month culminated with a virtual performance by the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, a local organization that has been coming to Lamplighter for many years. Students enjoyed a special performance titled “Reminisce: A Tribute to the Civil Rights Era.” These captivating dances, accompanied by powerful music and voice overlays of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., filled our classrooms with joy and inspiration.