Lamplighter Terms

6 Day Rotation/Color Day

Classroom schedules are based on numbers one to six instead of Monday through Friday. Each day of the six-day rotation has a color designation, which is easier for Pre-K students to remember.

All School Program

In December before winter break, all Lamplighter students participate in the All School Program.The program is a culmination of learning activities demonstrated in an imaginative performance. Everyone participates by singing new songs created around the central theme. Participants are divided into one of three performance groups and parents will be informed which performance their child(ren) will be in before the event. Teachers will also communicate about costume requirements, but it will be something you either have at home or is very simple to find. Bring your video cameras; flash photography is not permitted.


The Auction is hosted by the Lamplighter Parents' Association (LPA) as the association’s primary fundraising effort benefiting the School. The event is held in February.

Austin Trip

Lamplighter fourth grade seniors participate in an annual two-day trip to Austin,Texas. This trip is an opportunity for fourth graders to see and explore some of the most historically significant sites in Texas.

Before School Extended Day

The Before School Extended Day program is open to all students, except Pre-K PM, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. each school day.

Camp Lamplighter

Lamplighter’s Lower School and Transitional First (T1) summer program, Camp Lamplighter, offers week-long sessions during the month of June. It is an exciting opportunity for social, physical, and academic growth. It’s also a time to see old friends and make new ones.


Since 1969, Lamplighter’s Carnival has been a fun-filled event for current families, grandparents, and alumni. The afternoon is filled with games, attractions, food, dancing, and a bake sale. The event, held each Fall, is organized by the LPA and staffed by parent volunteers.


Conferences provide a meaningful one-on-one opportunity for parents and teachers to review a student’s progress through Development Records - a detailed account of a student’s academic and social expectations for each grade level. There are four scheduled conferences in a school year. The first occurs before school starts and is called “Intake Conference.” You will schedule all conferences via an online system for conferences called PTC Wizard. Access PTC Wizard through the Parent Portal after receiving an email with details in the summer. Childcare arrangements should be made for students and siblings.

Dolores Evans Speaker Series

The Dolores Evans Speaker Series is a unique program that The Lamplighter School offers to its parents, faculty, and staff, as well as the broader Dallas community. Each year, The Lamplighter School hosts one or two events to bring thought leaders to our campus as part of the series. 

Donuts with Dad or Popsicles with Pop or Muffins with Mom

These events give dads, moms, or family friends a dedicated time to visit campus and have fun with their students.They are held on the playground before school starts (7:30 – 8:00 a.m.) for full day programs or before school ends (2:30 – 3:00 p.m.) for the Pre-K PM program.


eNews is the weekly electronic newsletter sent via email to the Lamplighter community from the School's Advancement & Communications Office. It contains information regarding current events and activities, along with letters from the Head of School, the Assistant Head for Academics, and the Director of Early Childhood.

Fourth Grade Luncheon

The Fourth Grade Luncheon is an annual gathering including fourth grade students, their parents, and their teachers. It is an opportunity for attendees to celebrate the students’ achievements.

Friday Lunch

Friday Lunch is an LPA fundraiser for the School. It is a treat for students and their lunch-packing parents. Most full day Lamplighter students participate in the Friday Lunch program. Parents can purchase a year's worth of Friday lunches online via the LPA Spirit Store. Options are available for students with food allergies.


FunCamp is Lamplighter’s Early Childhood summer camp for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. There are two sessions offered, each for two weeks from 8:00 a.m. until noon during June. Each session consists of projects and activities related to a theme.

Games Visits

Parents of Pre-K and Kindergarten students are invited to spend 30 minutes with their child in his or her classroom to play math and language arts games together. Parents should be prepared to sit in the Pre-K sized chairs and experience this fun one-on-one time in their child’s classroom. As the classrooms tend to become very crowded, parents are discouraged from bringing younger siblings.

Grade Level Coordinator

A grade level point person serves as the Grade Level Coordinator by organizing classroom activities and sharing messages pertinent to parents.

Grandest Friends' Day

Held every Spring, Grandest Friends' Day is an opportunity for students to bring a grandparent, another family member, or a special adult friend to Lamplighter to spend a morning or an afternoon in their classroom. The day is spent enjoying fun activities together. Parents should check with the Advancement & Communications Office to ensure an invitation will be sent to their child’s grandparent(s) or special guest.

Grandparent Activity Program (GAP)

GAP is the Grandparent Activity Program. Grandparents are invited to come and spend time with their grandchildren, reading in their classrooms, or volunteering at the Carnival. They can also volunteer in the Media Center or provide baked goods for the Carnival. If a grandparent is interested in volunteering at Lamplighter, they should contact the Parent Relations Coordinator, Taylor Good.

Green Team

Formed in 2008, the Green Team consist of faculty representatives from each grade level, a Lamplighter Layers’ officer, two parent volunteers, and staff representatives. The mission of the team is to raise awareness of our present consumption, educate our community about growing environmental challenges facing our Earth, and inspire all members to take action to reduce our collective individual carbon footprints. The school is committed to the 3 R’s – reducing consumption, reusing what we can, and recycling as much as we can.

Halloween Parade and Picnic

A colorful parade of Halloween characters is an eagerly anticipated event for Lamplighter students. Children wear or bring costumes to school and change into them shortly before the Halloween Hootenanny. After the Hootenanny, parents, siblings, and grandparents line the campus Ring Road to share and record the festive parade. The parade is followed by a family picnic.


Hootenannies are one of Lamplighter’s oldest traditions. Once a month, the entire school comes together in the Klyde Warren Auditorium to sing favorite Lamplighter songs.
• Parents of children in each grade level are invited to attend one assigned Hootenanny per child (see school calendar for dates).
• Hootenannies begin on time and last 30 minutes.
• Doors open 15 minutes before every Hootenanny begins. There is space for every parent to see, hear, and photograph their favorite Hootenanny singer.

Intake Conferences

Intake Conferences occur in August before the school year begins. It is a scheduled time to meet specific teachers and ask questions or share concerns.

International Night

International Night is an LPA sponsored event held every Spring that allows families to “tour” the world, sample food, participate in craft projects, and enjoy live entertainment.

Lamplighter Fund

The Lamplighter Fund is the school’s top fundraising priority. It provides the financial resources for teachers to create meaningful learning experiences for our children in a quality environment. Every dollar of this essential fund directly supports the dreams first outlined by Lamplighter founders Natalie Murray and Sandy Swain 61 years ago: To light the lamp of a child’s imagination...Lamplighter’s commitment to that dream formed the mission that serves our children today. Lamplighter Fund dollars raised during the school year cover the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a Lamplighter student. Unlike tuition, contributions to the Lamplighter Fund are fully tax deductible.

Lamplighter Layers

Lamplighter Layers is a chicken-raising and egg-selling corporation operated by fourth grade students. As part of the entrepreneurial program, students elect officers and serve each week as crew members responsible for the care of the chickens and the selling of eggs at carpool.

Lamplighter Parents' Association (LPA)

The LPA plans, executes, and funds numerous activities and services throughout the year that benefit the Lamplighter students and community.

Lamplighter Singers

The Lamplighter Singers is a choral group for fourth graders who have an interest in singing. Led by Lamplighter’s music teacher, they have learned all the Lamplighter songs and sing them during special events throughout the year. Rehearsals are held during the school day.


LampPost is the School magazine which highlights activities and events in the classroom and around campus for trustees, parents, grandparents, and alumni. The LampPost is produced and mailed twice a year.

Last "Hug 'Em In"

The Last Hug 'Em In occurs during carpool, the day after Senior graduation. Parents drop off fourth graders on their final day of school and students enter the building through a line of faculty and staff members who hug them in one last time. 

Media Center Open House

Media Center Open House is a school fundraiser that specifically supports the Media Center. The event occurs in late Fall and the Lamplighter community is invited to come and purchase selected books for the Media Center in honor of their child’s teacher or Lamplighter staff member. Children have the opportunity to sign book plates to be placed on the inside cover of the donated book. The books are presented to the honorees before being placed on the Media Center bookshelves.

New Families

A new family is considered to be any family with a child beginning their first year at Lamplighter, including those with other students already enrolled at the School. The new family events are a great time for the children and parents to meet their new friends. 

Night Light

Night Light is the Lamplighter sponsored after-school program which is offered all school year, Monday through Friday, from 3:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. Parents may register their child(ren) for a variety of classes including drama, dance, world languages, STEM, robotics, Legos, and story times. Registration is available online.


The Senior Opera is one of the highlights of the last month of school. Since 1991, the Lamplighter seniors have written and performed original operas.


Observations provide a unique opportunity for parents to see, hear, and understand their child’s day at Lamplighter.  To protect the integrity of the event, parents are asked to refrain from discussing this event with their child(ren). Students are unaware they are being observed. Parents will be notified via email as to when their child's observation will be held. Depending on the grade level, parents may have more than one opportunity to observe their child at school. Observations typically occur before conferences, allowing time for questions or concerns parents may have after observing their child. Parents are requested to make childcare arrangements for younger siblings. Make-up observations are not offered.

Parent Ambassadors for Lamplighter (PALs)

PALs are parents who volunteer to host and assist with tours of the School for prospective Lamplighter parents. 

Parent Lunches

Kindergarten through fourth grade parents are invited to sign up once a semester to have lunch with their child in the classroom during teamtime.

Parent Perks

Parent Perks is a parent education series featuring educators, psychologists, and writers who speak to the Lamplighter community several times during the school year.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a useful online tool that helps parents access links to volunteer, order Wholesome Food Services for their child's lunch, look up their child's schedule, make carpool changes, sign up for conferences, log into Magnus Health, access the parent directory, and many other resources. Parents can access this tool from a computer or their phone from the home page of the Lamplighter website.

Playground Visits

Every year parents are invited to join their Pre-K, Kindergarten, and T1 students for recess on assigned days. Parents are encouraged to wear comfortable “play” clothes and shoes as children enjoy racing around the playground together. If parents are unable to attend, Lamplighter suggests they consider asking a family member or friend to come play with their child on their assigned day. Most children leave with their parents immediately following the visit.


School Pass is a software program that manages and automates dismissal of students. Carpool changes, absences, late arrivals, and early pick-ups are recorded online by parents. The login for School Pass can be found on the Parent Portal on the home page.

Senior Opera

The Senior Opera is one of the highlights of the last month of school. Since 1991, the Lamplighter seniors have written and performed original operas.

Senior Parade

Fourth graders enjoy one last carpool the day after graduation. Parents decorate cars and parade around with the new graduates who are cheered on by current students, faculty, and staff lining the Ring Road.

Spirit Award Luncheon

In 2003, The Lamplighter Spirit Award was established during the School’s 50th anniversary to recognize individuals who embody the spirit of Lamplighter. The award is presented by the Lamplighter Alumni Association at a luncheon every Winter at the School.

Spirit Day

Every Friday is Spirit Day. Lamplighter students, teachers, and staff wear Lamplighter shirts on Spirit Day and on field trips. Parents are encouraged to purchase at least one Lamplighter spirit shirt for their child.

Spirit Store

The Spirit Store is an online store. The Spirit Store allows for payment of LPA dues, the purchase of additional Family Directories, Friday Lunch, Carnival items, and all types of Lamplighter spirit wear. Parents place orders online and are encouraged to purchase at least one Lamplighter spirit shirt for their child. All items purchased during summer months will be available for pickup at August Intake Conferences. The Spirit Store can be accessed via the Parent Portal. 

Sports Teams

While Lamplighter does not organize or sponsor sports teams, parents can organize and coach teams. Interested parents should contact their Grade Level Coordinators or the Town North YMCA if they are looking to join a team.

Square Dancing

Square dancing is Lamplighter’s oldest and most favorite tradition! The Kindergarten students learn to swing their partners and square dance throughout the year. In the Spring, the cowboys and cowgirls perform their dances for parents and grandparents.


Students enjoy a 30-minute lunch and a 30-minute recess in the middle of the day, referred to as teamtime.

Transitional First (T1)

Transitional First Grade is available to families with children who have a birthday during Spring or Summer and who would benefit from the gift of an additional year to grow and mature. T1 has its own unique curriculum and field trips that differ from the Kindergarten program. Simply put, T1 provides the opportunity for children to find their social/emotional fit while building confidence and securing their academic success.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day at Lamplighter is an inclusive celebration. Parents should send enough Valentine cards or treats for their child’s entire class or grade. Parents are encouraged to include their child’s name on Valentines, but should not include a recipient’s name. This allows students to easily place one in each child's Valentine bag.


There are many volunteer opportunities at Lamplighter. The website, eNews, and Sunday night emails from the Grade Level Coordinators contain the most comprehensive information regarding volunteering.

Wholesome Foods Services

Wholesome Foods Services is an option which allows Lamplighter families to purchase lunch online for their children Monday through Thursday. This is not a fundraiser, but rather a service that families have requested and Lamplighter is now able to provide. A percentage of the sales are returned to Lamplighter to support the Financial Aid Fund.

YMCA Afterschool Program

The YMCA After School Program is open to Pre-K PM children and students in the Pre-K All Day classes through fourth grade. Provided by the YMCA, this program runs from 3:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. each school day on Lamplighter’s campus. Registration is directly through the Town North YMCA at 214.357.8431.

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