Calling All Superheroes: 2017 Carnival

Thank you to the 2017-2018 Carnival Committee, led by Co-Chairs Margaret Morse and Amy Puig.  The event was truly a "Superhero Success"!

To view photos from the event, visit Smugmug (password: barnyard).

View the Carnival FAQs for information about the annual Lamplighter Carnival.

What is the Carnival?

The Lamplighter Carnival is a wonderful, annual tradition that your child and family will remember fondly for a lifetime. Lamplighter families are encouraged to attend. This afternoon is planned by parent volunteers and includes games, attractions, food, dancing, a bake sale, and much more.

When is the Carnival?

This year’s “Calling All Superheroes” Carnival is Friday, October 13th from 3:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Lamplighter’s campus. Mark your calendars!  And don’t forget to arrive early for the opening parade of the grades and faculty to kick off the Carnival activities.  

What is the Bake Sale?

Bake Sale treats are baked by our very own Lamplighter parents and grandparents. Everyone will find something delicious to eat at the Carnival or to take home. Gluten and nut free items will also be available.

Sign up through Sign-Up Genius on the Parent Portal to make your Bake Sale donation.  Not much of a baker? You can still sign-up and contribute some store-bought goodies or even donate cash! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Elizabeth McNeil

Remember to stop by the Bake Sale on the day of Carnival. This is a great way to support the school and the Carnival and to satisfy your sweet tooth!

How do I obtain carnival merchandise?

Wristbands, T-shirts, and all other Carnival essentials will be available for purchase during Intake Conferences on August 21st and 22nd and online at the Spirit Store. Every child should plan on wearing their Carnival T-shirt to school the day of the event so that friends and teachers can sign their tees. 

What are the Carnival currency options?

To enjoy Carnival attractions and food, you will need to purchase some of the options below.  While you are able to purchase the following options prior to Carnival, there will also be multiple ticket booths throughout the Carnival to purchase these currency options during the event.

$75 All-Inclusive Package:
A very popular option that bundles the Carnival essentials!  The All-Inclusive Package includes the following:

  • Midway Pass Slap Band for unlimited rides and game & 1 visit to the Salon
  • Carnival T-shirt & Superhero Mask to wear on Carnival Day
    • NOTE: Your child’s superhero mask will not be sent home but rather will be handed out on Carnival Day.
    • A Keepsake Bag to use on Carnival Day and all year round
    • 1 Meal Band which includes an entrée, one side of chips or fruit, and a drink
    • $5 Ticket Band for your child to use at their discretion for a number of different Carnival activities, souvenirs and treats!

Please note that additional ticket bands may be required depending on what your child wants to experience and/or purchase during the Carnival. Souvenirs, Snow Cones, Photo Booth & a visit to the Mock ER all require tickets.  See below for more information.

$45 Midway Pass Slap Band
Designed for siblings, alumni, or non-Lamplighter friends attending Carnival who do not need a t-shirt but want to enjoy the fun.  This slap band gets you:

  • Unlimited Games & Rides
  • 1 Salon Visit

Please note that Souvenirs, Snow Cones, Photo Booth & a visit to the Mock ER will required an additional ticket band. See below for more information.

$10 or $20 Ticket Band:
If you choose not to get the Midway Pass Slap Band, you can enjoy attractions and games by purchasing ticket bands that can be punched for use at each attraction. Ticket bands are also needed if you want to buy anything from the souvenir booth, enjoy a snow cone, get your picture taken at the Photo Booth, or visit the Mock ER for a cast.

$18 Carnival T-shirt & Superhero Mask:
Make sure your child is ready for Carnival Day with our “Calling All Superheroes” T-Shirt and Mask. Each grade will have a different color. All students should plan on wearing the T-Shirt to school on Carnival Day.  NOTE:  Your child’s superhero mask will not be sent home but rather will be handed out on Carnival Day.

$8 Meal Band:
Use this wristband to purchase your dinner at the food area, which includes one entrée, a side of either chips or fruit, and a soft drink. This is great for parents, siblings or anyone else who does not purchase the All-Inclusive Wristband but needs a meal.

$1 Sweet Treat or Drink Ticket:
These individual tickets are available should you need an extra drink or would like to enjoy a sweet treat from the Bake Sale.  Note: One drink is included with the Meal Band. The Bake Sale also accepts cash. 

When are Carpool forms due?

Forms for the day of Carnival must be returned by September 29th, 2017.

What kind of food will be available?

The Food Pavilion is the place to eat! Trade in your meal band for a mouth-watering hamburger, hot dog, veggie burger or grilled cheese from MOOYAH with a side of chips or a delicious fruit cup. Central Market is also sponsoring a SNACK SHACK, where you can grab a free healthy snack including fruit, baby carrots with hummus or ranch, and cheddar crackers. Free popcorn and bottled water will be available around the Carnival grounds to keep all superheroes hydrated and ready to save the day!

And to satisfy your superhero sweet tooth, use your tickets bands for a snow cone at the Snowball Express or a sweet treat ticket or cash at the bake sale to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


What is new this year?

We are excited to include a $5 ticket band in the all-inclusive package for your child to use at their discretion for a number of different Carnival activities, souvenirs and treats that are not already included in the Midway Pass Slap Band!

Central Market is sponsoring a free “Snack Shack” with quick and healthy snacks to tide over all superheroes-in-training until dinner.

On Carnival Day, students will be provided markers in the classroom to sign their friends’ t-shirts during the school day versus purchasing lanyards and markers. 

Every student will be given a superhero mask during the school day to wear for the opening parade. So, don’t forget to come a little early so you can watch your little superhero in the opening parade of the grades and faculty to kick off the Carnival activities.  

What do parents need to do?

First of all, don’t delay… order your Carnival essentials online today!  T-shirts, Midway Pass Slap Bands, tickets, and all other Carnival essentials are available online now at the Spirit Store.  The Carnival T-shirts have been pre-ordered, so to ensure you get the t-shirt size your child desires make sure to purchase your shirt as soon as possible. Please note, with the exception of the Bake Sale, slap bands and tickets are the only “currency” accepted at the Carnival.  Your Carnival items (t-shirts, bands, etc.) will be sent home with your child on October 10th. 

Sign-up early for your family’s volunteer shift to ensure that you get the shift that best suits your family’s schedule. Please log onto the Sign-Up Genius on the Parent Portal to view available options and to sign-up.

How can I help?

Carnival is a parent-run event, so please note every family must have one adult family member volunteer for one hour to ensure the success of the Carnival. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and the sooner you make your choice, the better your chances are to get the shift time and booth you prefer. Visit the Parent Portal and click on the Sign-Up Genius button. Families not signed up by September 30th will be assigned a shift. The staffing committee will send you a reminder of your shift the week before Carnival.

If you have questions, please contact Staffing Chairs Abbey Ahearn or Elizabeth McNeil . Or, feel free to contact the Carnival Chairs Margaret Morse or Amy Puig at with any questions concerning Carnival.

Where is parking for the event?

Parking will be in the North Field. Overflow parking will be in The Hockaday School parking lots off of Forest Lane that are closest to Lamplighter. Shuttle buses will be provided to get you to and from the overflow lots.  

2017 - 2018 Carnival Committee

Margaret Morse
Amy Puig 

Alumni Volunteer Coordinator
Erin Hillman

Parent Volunteer Coordinator
Neelima Kurji

Morgan Kennedy
Scott Kennedy
Neha Nayyar

Bake Sale
Brittany Lober
Lindsey Martinson

Event Services
Michael Stern

First Aid
Eleise Weisberg

Katie Oudt
Natalie Oudt
Traci Lee

Mock ER
Kate Barden
Christine Ho

Billie Jean Langham
Karin Tribuna

Carolyn Johnson
Tinka Yunus

Caroline Belanger
Shelby Stanley

Elizabeth McNeil

T-Shirts & Tickets
Lilly Albritton
Kristin Fay
Natalie Johnson

Virtual Reality
Steve Nix




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