The Lamplighter School Green Team


The mission of the Lamplighter Green Team is to raise awareness of our present consumption, educate our community about the growing environmental challenges facing our Earth, and inspire all members to take action to reduce our collective and individual carbon footprints.


Lamplighter's Green Team, which focuses on raising awareness about environmental challenges and taking actions to reduce carbon footprints, is beginning a new in-school initiative. ColorCycle is a program the Crayola company has launched in which schools across the country can collect and mail in used and old markers. According to Crayola, "ColorCycle is a sustainability initiative designed to repurpose Crayola markers." Help Lamplighter collect markers and increase awareness about eco-friendly practices. 

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Folding at Home

The Lamplighter Green Team is asking the entire Community to participate in the Stanford University "folding@home" program. Proteins are elementary machines inside every cell that we rely on to keep us alive and healthy. They assemble themselves by “folding.” When proteins misfold, there can be serious health consequences. If we better understand protein misfolding we can design drugs and therapies to combat these illnesses.

Folding@home software aids research by simulating protein folding. Simply download the software to your computer and then all the computers in the world work together to solve the mystery of protein folding. This could bring an end to diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and others. The software runs while you do other things like cooking, playing, and working. It runs even while you sleep. Click to learn more about how you can help, or watch this short video for an animated explanation.  If you enter 227675 under "For team ____," your points will count towards the Lamplighter running total!  Here's a fun fact: Lamplighter's laptops have a combined processing power greater than the world's most powerful supercomputer in 1999! 

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

Compost it! Compost helps improve soil so it holds more water and plants grow better. Allow grass clippings to stay on the lawn, instead of bagging them. The cut grass will decompose and return to the soil naturally. Food scraps and kitchen waste also make good compost, and you save money on fertilizers or other additives.

Green Tips from our Partner, Perot Museum

Project Warm Us

The Lamplighter Green Team is sponsoring a gently used coat (and other warm items) drive beginning November 1 to support Project Warm Us . This local non-profit accepts coats, blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, and any warm items that could help the shelterless and homeless stay warm in the winter. This community-wide event runs November 1 - 15. Thank you for helping the homeless stay warm this winter!

Green Team Members

Members of the Green Team volunteer to be on this committee because they care about the future of our environment and our planet. 

Amy Brown
Linda Cauley
Liz Curlin
Megan Dini
Caroline Finnegan
Ed Goff
Debbie Herskovitz
Joan Hill
Dan Knudsen
Eva McKee
Judith Mullens
Nafisa Rahman
Vicki Raney
Dwayne Spencer
Shayna Starr

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