Welcome to Lamplighter's Early Childhood and Lower School


“Students are not a vessel to be filled but a lamp to be lighted,” are words read by all who enter The Lamplighter School. The teaching philosophy is encapsulated in this simple but powerful metaphor. Lamplighter does not merely fill students’ heads with facts, but teaches students how to question, find information, and think critically. Students are confident and respect differences of opinion.

Lamplighter values integrated thinking. The curriculum nurtures each student’s ability to communicate linguistically and mathematically, orally and in writing, across all disciplines. Students discover that all subjects are related, even though they may appear under the title of one of the fine arts classes or Spanish, or physical education. Lamplighter’s academic program helps students make connections between ideas, connect their ideas with the real world, and understand those connections through personal experiences.

Lamplighter’s mission is clear and is embedded in the fabric of the school. Our mission is at the heart of who we are. Click on the attached pages to discover more about the rich and varied experiences we offer your young learner.

  • The Lamplighter School
  • 11611 Inwood Road
  • Dallas, Texas 75229
  • T: 214-369-9201
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