Grandest Friends' Day

Due to global health updates, The Lamplighter School has canceled Grandest Friends Day for 2020. Please stay tuned for future opportunities to get involved on campus. 


Held in the Spring, Grandest Friends' Day is an opportunity for students to bring a grandparent, another family member, or a special adult friend to Lamplighter to spend a morning or an afternoon in their classroom. The day is spent enjoying fun activities together. 

For questions please contact:

Taylor Good
Parent Relations Coordinator
(214) 369-9201, x378


Grandparent Involvement

As grandparents, your involvement at Lamplighter reinforces the importance of learning.

The Grandparent Activities Program (GAP) was created to offer grandparents the opportunity to be active on the beautiful campus their grandchildren love and to contribute to the meaningful experiences of the students. Grandparents have the opportunity to read to your grandchild’s class or to volunteer in the Media Center. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Taylor Good or sign up online by visiting Sign Up Genius.

Grandparents are encouraged to participate in any of the family events such as Carnival, Auction, hootenannies, Parent Perks, and Dolores Evans Speaker Series. You will receive the school's magazine, the LampPost, and you are welcome to subscribe to the school’s weekly web-based eNews.

One day a year grandparents and grand friends are the guests of honor for a special day at Lamplighter – Grandest Friends’ Day. The event is held each Spring. 

If you have questions, please contact Parent Relations Coordinator, Taylor Good, 214-369-9201, ext 378.

Join the fun at Lamplighter and be involved with your grandchildren!


  • The Lamplighter School
  • 11611 Inwood Road
  • Dallas, Texas 75229
  • T: 214-369-9201
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