Lamplighter students are introduced to gardening in both their environmental science classes and in their classroom Community garden plots.  In PreK and Kindergarten environmental science classes, students learn how to plant annual flowers in our gardens and plant flower seeds in pots in the greenhouse to take home when grown. 

In their Community garden plot they grow vegetables which they harvest for their fall and spring Farmer’s Markets.  Students and teachers come and purchase their vegetables and herbs, the students are so proud of their harvest!  These are early lessons in sustainability.

 First graders plant a fall and spring garden as part of their environmental science classes and also grow tomato plants from seed to take home in April to their gardens.  Second through fourth graders have a variety of planting activities in environmental science ranging from planting herbs from seed, learning about and planting bulbs, and growing a plant from a leaf and stem cuttings.  They also make a vegetable pizza in 1st grade using some ingredients from their garden.  4th graders become herb experts by researching their chosen herb.  Following their herb report, they look forward to the annual Herb Feast where they prepare their herb from our herb garden and they sample everyone’s herbs on various simple foods like cheese and potatoes. 

In the Community garden, all classes also grow a variety of vegetables, such as potatoes, green beans, lettuce and kale.  At harvest time in the fall or spring, the students eagerly anticipate eating their harvest!  Our classes have enjoyed rosemary potatoes, green beans, and many salads of lettuce and kale.   Lamplighter students have many opportunities to learn about sustainability and simple organic gardening techniques.

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