Creek Exploration

Ah, the creek, every Lamplighter child’s favorite place to explore!  Through environmental science classes, the children are introduced to the idea that “everyone lives downstream.”  By caring for our creek, “taking only memories, leaving only footprints," we try to demonstrate our need to keep our creek, fossils, plant life and animal life just as we find it.  Through wind, rain and drought, the creek often changes, new fossils are exposed in the limestone, old ones break part and wash away further down the creek. 

For our youngest students, the creek is a real adventure!   Climbing down the rock stairs, balancing on the stepping-stones and observing all the animal and plant life make this trip exciting.  Our older students take down the Discovery Bucket, filled with thermometers for checking the water, magnifying glasses, brushes to search for fossils and binoculars for animal viewing.  Using these tools enhances the students’ senses, as scientists use tools to assist in their research.  Our Lamplighter creek is also a place for classes to use as a quiet place for reflections, poetry or writing.  Like life, the creek is always changing.

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