Campus Life

A child at Lamplighter undertakes a cherished educational journey, from a nurturing first school experience to graduating as a confident fourth grader. Our unique program is designed to inspire young minds, build self confidence, and develop respect and compassion for others. At Lamplighter, children learn by doing, exploring the world within the context of a warm and caring environment. After skills and concepts are introduced, they are revisited and integrated throughout the extended curriculum, allowing for a deeper, richer base of knowledge.

Lamplighter students have a reputation that reaches far beyond our campus. In addition to excelling academically, they are known throughout the community as caring, confident, and enthusiastic young men and women. At their next school and in life, they distinguish themselves as problem solvers, leaders, and passionate life-long learners. Assisted by our social-emotional curriculum, students build understanding and awareness of respectfulness, responsibility, cooperation, communication, and self-management.


  • The Lamplighter School
  • 11611 Inwood Road
  • Dallas, Texas 75229
  • T: 214-369-9201
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