Class Descriptions

Adventures with STEM using LEGO

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects and use special pieces to create your own unique designs. New and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system.

Art factory
Just 4 fun art class! If your kiddo likes to explore a variety of different kinds of art mediums…then this is the art class they won’t want to miss!!! We will work with watercolors, sketching pencils and acrylic paint, just to name a few. Join Carrie Wright on Mondays and let the creativity and fun begin.  
basketball academy

Do you want to step up your game? Join Coach Gerald on the court! Learn the proper way to dribble, pass, and shoot through various drills while applying footwork techniques that are sure to improve your game. Strengthening character and teamwork skills will be emphasized. All abilities are welcomed.

basketball skills & drills

Coach Gerald will introduce the game of basketball through various and fun drills so that even the youngest players can establish a strong foundation. Participants will learn how to dribble, pass, and shoot while learning the rules and regulations of the game. Footwork techniques will be introduced as participants build character. No prior experience necessary!

bubble smoke explosion

Have fun with chemistry! Make a crystal garden, synthesize your own slime, learn about our solar system by making a comet with everyday items, and have a shocking time with a Van de Graaff generator by experiencing lightning up close.

butterflies, bees, and blossoms

Join the Dallas Arboretum educators as we guide students through the discovery of the plants and insects all around them. Students will investigate the basic needs of various insects and plants and explore their structures and life cycles. They will learn how a plant is an important part of food chains and food webs, and explore how living organisms depend on each other. Students will dissect flowers and seeds, and explore their schoolyards to investigate pollinators. Students will create models, and take part in investigations and scientific exploration.

classical ballet

This class lays a foundation for those students who are ready to learn the principles and beginning technique of ballet and music theatre through introducing basic beginning ballet steps in center time and across the floor. Basic stretches and terminology will also be introduced. All of this is presented through a fun and imaginative teaching style along with engaging music so that the students can learn in a creative but disciplined setting. Introduction of the barre as well as simple choreography is also taught to introduce students to the next level and prepare them for a musical dance performance.

cooking around the world

Do you love to cook? Do you want to know more about other cultures? In this unique cooking club for kids, learn new recipes, practice food safety, and see how we use math in the kitchen. We’ll make Japanese Onigiri, and other finger foods from all over the World!

from disney to broadway

See your child take the big stage! In this class, students explore what it takes to be a  Broadway star. By the end of our time together, your child will grow in knowledge and  confidence showcased in a fabulous final performance! Sing your favorite songs, from Disney to Broadway. Play your favorite characters and create fun scenes in a group. Learn basic dance  moves that the stars use onstage This class is for all regardless of experience. All that is  required is a love for music and a willingness to try new fun things!

game design

Ever wanted to build your own games or apps? Love Roblox or Minecraft? Well, this is the class for you! In this course, students will learn the skills of a coder through conceiving, designing, and creating their own mobile app games. The resulting games can be shared online and texted to friends for them to play on their phones. It’s a great way to combine learning with fun with becoming a game developer. You don’t need any previous experience or special software to take this: all you need is your creativity and a laptop.

garage band

This course is for students who want to learn about making music using multiple types of instruments, including digital instruments. No previous experience is required. Students will learn to compose music by using backing tracks, mixing live sound, record live music, and create beats. Students will work primarily with the GarageBand app on the iPad to make projects. Students will also work with other apps and technologies associated with music-making in the 21st century. Students can create their own sound, style, and songs all while having fun!

intro to chess

This class is for younger students with little or no chess experience that want to learn how to play the game. Chess is a wonderful journey of learning and can help with many social and academic endeavors. Students will learn how the pieces move, the basic rules and objectives and how to play a full game to checkmate. Begin a lifetime of learning today!

junior engineering

Children are fascinated by lights and sounds but often don’t know much about the circuits and electronics behind them. StemTree instructors make it easy for children to learn with practical, hands-on activities and experiments. The lessons will allow students to have fun while acquiring pertinent vocabulary and conceptual understanding in the field of engineering. Over the course of the semester, we will cover the basics of a variety of engineering topics including electricity, circuitry, and magnetism while inspiring students to become tomorrow’s problem solvers!

lamplighter chess

This class is for students with some chess experience and are interested in improving their skills. Chess is one of the best activities for young learners wanting to put down the electronics and play with friends. Students will learn about chess strategies, the history of the game, and of course play many games with their friends.

leadership and music

As a partner of The Royal Conservatory, DIMA is proud to exclusively provide this one of a kind class in the DFW area designed around the RCM curriculum. This class uses music, drama and speech to help your student develop their voice, presence and confidence to be future musicians and leaders of DFW and beyond!

leadership and music - tiny tot

Develop your child’s leadership skills through presenting, singing, and music. Kids build confidence in themselves during our “Learn & Lead” program. Our experience-driven method transforms shy kids into confident kids as they perform on stage in a warm and encouraging environment.

lego robotics

The StemTree robotics program uses the wonder and genius of robots to inspire students to create, problem solve, and think out of the box! After their builds are complete, students add coding elements to make their creations come to life! Throughout the course of the semester, students will rotate between mini-units in two different LEGO® Education sets – WeDo 2.0 and SPIKE Essential – to learn a variety of engineering and building concepts.

mad machines and crazy contraptions

Journey to the future and examine the ultra-modern inventions of the 23rd century. Design the future - today! With a little bit of ingenuity, you’ll construct catapults and forts. Students build mad machines and crazy contraptions using engineering concepts while reconnecting with friends! Join us for fun hands-on experiments, learn to solve real-world problems, and have a fun experience building and learning!

music and movement

Children love engaging with music and movement in early childhood education. It helps them express their feelings and emotions, learn to work in groups and develop their self-confidence and imagination. This class will help strengthen both fine and gross motor skills while developing self-expression. Students will communicate feelings, ideas and thoughts through music, movement or playing an instrument. Students will also work on social skills like cooperation, taking turns and sharing the music experience of learning how to dance and play instruments with others.

my first piggy bank

Earn, save, spend, donate! Let's learn about money! This innovative program provides a solid foundation on financial literacy for kids in a fun setting. Games and hands-on activities help students internalize key concepts (like money, budgeting, and saving) in an engaging and supportive environment fostering teamwork. Students use their arts & crafts skills to make their own piggy bank!

next level gaming

Ready to take your LEGO® Engineering skills to the next level? Give the controller a rest and put your skills to the test by Barrel Blasting with Donkey Kong, Flinging Fireballs with Mario, and battling foes with Kirby. Under the guidance of a Play-Well instructor, you will gear up to take down the final boss. Are you game?

pass the manners

Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners has taught thousands of children manners in a fun and interactive way. You will be surprised how much your child will retain through our interactive lessons, workbooks, original storybooks and games. Class topics will include: Appearance and Meeting and Greeting; Titles and Acknowledging People; Conversations and Good Listener; Table Manners and How to Set a Table; Utensils and Eating at School; Restaurant and Balanced and Polite Eating; Respect and Rude; Trick or Treat, School (Field Trip) Bus; Mistakes and Thank You Notes; It’s Not All About YOU and Sad Occasions; Inviting People and Good Guest/Host; Parties Arriving and Parties Departing; Entertaining and Gifts; and Cultural Events.

private guitar, piano, violin, and voice

All lessons are taught by acclaimed concert artists and teachers from the DFW Institute of Musical Advancement (DIMATexas). Children will divide their time between solo lessons with  their respective instrument/voice, as well as learning music theory and music history. They will  prepare solo and duo memorized repertoire to perform in front of an audience in the  DIMATexas Recital Series. Students will have access to beautiful recitals, fun festivals, and concerts, while developing their self-esteem and building confidence. Instructors are easy to  get in touch with, via email or text, and are very responsive to the parent's, and children's specific needs. Teachers are comfortable teaching at Pre-K level and higher. Children are taught easy lullabies, memorization techniques, reading skills, and lively rhythms to aid their  learning. Soon, your children will be performing well-known melodies for all the family to enjoy. The most important thing is to make expressive, beautiful music, while having fun learning a  new instrument!
**Students must be enrolled in a 3:45-4:45 NightLight class to stay for a private music lesson.

scratch junior programming

Whizara’s Scratch Junior programming course offers a fun way for young students to learn programming fundamentals as they explore and develop imaginative stories, animations and games using MIT’s Scratch Junior drag and drop visual programming interface. Students learn programming concepts and Scratch Junior specific concepts including motion, looks, sound, loops, events and get creative with designing, drawing, recording and storyboarding personalized projects. The course further reinforces computational concepts of sequencing, pattern recognition, parallelism and algorithmic thinking.

scratch programming

Whizara’s Scratch programming course offers a fun way for young students to start thinking like a programmer as they explore and develop imaginative stories, animations and games using MIT’s Scratch programming interface. Students learn programming concepts and Scratch specific concepts including motion, looks, sound, events, loops, conditionals, game mechanics, operators and variables. The course further reinforces computational concepts of sequencing, pattern recognition, parallelism and algorithmic thinking. No prior coding experience is required to participate in this course.

strength & conditioning

Join PowerKids on Mondays for an exciting experience in strength through sports skills and tumbling!  Movement and play are critical in gross and fine motor development and there is nothing more important than confidence. This class has it all!  Obstacle courses, games, fun challenges and more!  Your child will have a big sweaty smile every week!


Students enhance their writing skills and learn to work as a team in a creative setting. Students collaborate in brainstorming sessions to select an original story idea, complete individual writing assignments to flesh out their story, and provide feedback and advice to their peers, promoting social and emotional learning (SEL). Students aim to finish their own stories by the end of the program, fostering creativity and stronger social skills in the process.

storytime science

Enjoy classic and new storytime books while exploring fun science projects related to each story. Students will love learning engineering principles while building a house to protect the Three Little Pigs, watching a real Hungry Caterpillar go through its life cycle, growing ice crystals for a Snowy Day, and more!

storytime with ms. curlin

Students will enjoy listening to classics tales and stories that will inspire, delight, and pique their curiosity.
*This class is only available to Pre-K (age 4) and Kindergarten students. 

theater G.a.m.e.s.

In Theater G.A.M.E.S. (Group Activities Making Everyone Shine), students will get to move, act, explore, laugh, create, and get the “sillies” out while sharpening their drama skills. Games and activities are geared towards teamwork, physical and vocal expression, and above all else, FUN! 

the funny farmers

Lamplighter’s own version of Saturday Night Live is ready to create it’s 51st show and we want YOU to be a part of it! Write your own comedy sketches! Work out the bugs in our writer’s circle! Perform your own material and make dozens of people laugh at our end of semester performance!


Treat your child to a course in all thing's ukulele! Kids learn all about this small but mighty instrument! Students will learn melodies, chords and how to read TAB notation. By the end of  the course they will be able to play songs and strum chords. Plus, ukulele is a great stepping  stone toward learning guitar!

Ultimate frisbee & flying disk fun

Join PowerKids on Wednesdays for the ULTIMATE in frisbee and flying disc golf!!  Students will learn the basics and how to play the games. The benefits of frisbee are endless including cardiovascular exercise, spatial awareness, balance, coordination, it encourages teamwork and cooperation, builds confidence and is non-contact so it's safe!  Give this exciting experience a try...your child will be hooked!!

Who is doctor who?

The world-famous Who Kids Of Lamplighter continue their operations this Fall with favorite episodes, Classic and New, including the new 14th Doctor! We’ll write new content for our Twitter feed (@WhoKidsLL) including episode reviews, fan art, Daleks Telling Jokes and more! We’ll have lunchtime Zoom chats with the people who make our favorite show! We might even go on a field trip or two!

Wild about birds

Is your student scientist fascinated with nature? Come soar with the Dallas Arboretum this Fall for Wild about Birds. Students will have opportunities to learn about backyard birds through exploring and observing in nature, playing games, and making crafts. Students will discover the similarities and differences between different native bird species, take a closer look at unique bird structures and their functions, and examine the important role birds play in our ecosystem.

yippee yi yoga

Let’s play yoga! Students will have fun learning yoga poses and breathing techniques through stories and games. Children will develop strength and flexibility, increase focus and concentration, build self-esteem and confidence, and learn how to relax with personalized lavender eye pillows!