NightLight Classes -Spring 2024

A capella adventures

Kids experience the magic of singing without instrumental accompaniment. They'll learn everything from the art of creating beautiful harmonies and vocal percussion to beatboxing. This program challenges their vocal skills and expands their teamwork capabilities as they exhibit stunning a cappella performances.

animal Adventures using LEGO materials

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts as we design and build leaping dolphins, buzzing beehives, and towering giraffes. Play, create, and learn in a world inspired by the animal kingdom. Design and build as never before and explore your craziest ideas.

bollywood-bhangra beats

This class is a fun and vibrant experience designed to introduce students to the colorful world of Indian traditional and modern dance and music. Through creative movement, we will bring to the forefront characteristics and skills that dance fosters, including self-awareness, confidence, artistic and aesthetic appreciation, and collaboration.

Basketball Skills & drills

Do you want to step up your game? Join Coach Gerald on the court! Learn the proper way to dribble, pass, and shoot through various drills while applying footwork techniques that are sure to improve your game! Strengthening character and teamwork skills will be emphasized. All abilities are welcomed.

basketball academy

Coach Gerald will introduce the game of basketball through various and fun drills so that even the youngest players can establish a strong foundation. Participants will learn how to dribble, pass, and shoot while learning the rules and regulations of the game. Footwork techniques will be introduced as participants build character. No prior experience necessary!

busy builders and emerging architects

This class offers an engaging and creative journey into the world of construction, architecture, and design. Here, young minds will cultivate their imaginations, develop problem-solving skills, and discover the joy of bringing their architectural dreams to life.

chess class

This class is for students with some chess experience and are interested in improving their skills. Chess is one of the best activities for young learners wanting to put down the electronics and play with friends. Students will learn about chess strategies, the history of the game, and of course play many games with their friends. 

classical ballet

This class lays a foundation for those students who are ready to learn the principles and beginning technique of ballet and music theatre through introducing basic beginning ballet steps in center time and across the floor. Basic stretches and terminology are also introduced. All of this is presented through a fun and imaginative teaching style along with engaging music so that the students can learn in a creative but disciplined setting. Introduction of the barre as well as simple choreography is also taught to introduce the students to the next level and prepare them for a musical dance performance.

cooking around the world

Does your child have a passion for cooking? In this cooking class, students will discover how to prepare delicious international and American dishes safely and skillfully. We'll explore diverse recipes from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, all kid-friendly and perfect for after-school cooking. During our sessions, your child will play kids' games from other countries, learn food terms from around the world, and receive simple recipes they can use at home. This course is tailored for younger students and includes recipes like Japanese Onigiri (Rice Balls), Filipino Pancit (Noodles), English Bread Pudding, and many more! Please provide student food sensitivities ***Dietary restrictions and food allergies***

disney fun

See your child take the big stage! In this class, students explore what it takes to be a Broadway star. By the end of our time together, your child will have grown in knowledge and confidence, which will be showcased in a fabulous final performance. Sing your favorite songs, from Disney to Broadway. Play your favorite characters and create fun scenes in a group. Learn basic choreography that Broadway stars use onstage. This class is for all regardless of experience. All that is required is a love for music and a willingness to try new fun things!

early environment explorers

This program is designed to cultivate a deep connection with the environment, ignite young imaginations, and foster a lifelong love for the world around us. Students will plant seeds, nurture young plants, and learn about the magic of growth and the joy of gardening. We will also investigate insects to learn more about smallest members of our ecosystem. From science lessons to nature walks and art projects, this program will pique your student’s interest in our environment, as we learn to better observe our surroundings. 

the funny farmers

Lamplighter’s own version of Saturday Night Live is ready to create it’s 56th show and we want YOU to be a part of it! Write your own comedy sketches! Work out the bugs in our writer’s circle! Perform your own material and make dozens of people laugh at our end of semester performance!

hola amigos

Hola Amigo! Join us in a FUN, interactive, and enriching environment to learn and become confident Spanish speakers. Every class begins with our mascot, Paulina Parrot, who greets the kids and reveals the emphasis of the day. Our class emphasis changes weekly and incorporates age-appropriate songs, dance, crafts, games, and conversation to ensure every child remains engaged throughout the lesson. Each class will provide a review of the previous lessons to ensure the children retain their knowledge and continue to build confidence and vocabulary.

intro to tennis and pickleball

Kidokinetics is excited to introduce your child to the fundamentals of tennis and pickleball! Our coaches will instruct using content and equipment appropriate for young beginners. Each class will include skills, drills, games, and more to create a positive, teamwork-oriented, and confidence-building environment!

introduction to greek mythology

An introduction to the gods and heroes of Greek mythology! This playful course intends to introduce students to the characters, beasts, and adventures that inspire children's literature, movies, sayings, and other cultural touchstones of today. Each week, students will experience a child-appropriate version of one of the great classical myths and then engage in puzzle, art, writing, or interpretive activities.

lego robotics

In this class, we will use LEGO’s SPIKE Essential set which is a cross-curricular STEAM tool for primary grades. Students will progress through different builds as well as learn the coding elements required to make their robots move. We will alternate units between SPIKE and another LEGO set, BricQ Essential, which introduces physics concepts appropriate to the age level. Instead of coding robots to move, the BricQ set requires students to experiment with concepts in forces and motion.

let's make a band

Jump into the rich and rewarding world of improvisation, jazz, and blues! In this collaborative and fun class, students will foster their creativity and learn to express themselves through music. By learning about current and historically-significant musicians, playing improvisation games, and building a working knowledge of music theory and techniques, this class will take your child to a new level of musical development and appreciation. By the end of the semester, students will be able to improvise on “C Jam Blues,” as well as other popular melodies. All instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome. One year or equivalent prior experience on their instruments is recommended. 

little farmers spring edition

Explore the journey of our food from the farm to our plates. Learn about basic needs of plants and insects while tracing the origins of our food, how food is processed (or not). Students will learn to prepare a variety of fruits and vegetables using basic recipes.

little inventors

In this “inventive” program, students design and create solutions to problems, teaming up to identify the need for a new invention, and producing real structures and solutions. In one STEM challenge, students build bridges  using a variety of materials and experiment with how much weight they can hold. Students also learn about famous inventors and internalize how recent innovations improve our lives.

music and movement

Children love engaging with music and movement in early childhood education. It helps them express their feelings and emotions, learn to work in groups and develop their self-confidence and imagination. This class will help strengthen both fine and gross motor skills while developing self-expression. Students will communicate feelings, ideas and thoughts through music, movement, or playing an instrument. Students will also work on social skills like cooperation, taking turns and sharing the music experience of learning how to dance and play instruments with others.

my first lemondade stand 

Learn how to make sweet and tangy lemonade – and make money by selling it! Experiment with recipes, design flyers, learn how to count money, make change and tally your profits. Then, in a showcase finale event, launch your lemonade stand and sell, sell, sell, and raise funds for a charity students select.

nothing but nets

Kidokinetics' Nothing But Nets program is designed to introduce young children to a variety of net games. During the program, coaches will help children learn the fundamentals of various net sports including tennis, pickleball, soccer and volleyball. Net games are great for developing key physical skills including agility, accuracy and coordination in a team-oriented environment. Fun games and basic skill introduction create a positive learning environment and self confidence! 

paint palooza

Join us for a wild and extravagant painting party! Let's paint using our hands, LEGOs, marbles, eye dropper, and so much more!

please pass the manners

Your child will have fun while learning important manners and social skills in an interactive way. The Mrs. McVeigh's Manners original materials are always a big hit with kids, and they really retain the information. The spring curriculum objectives include: Meeting and Greeting; Table Manners; How to Set the Table; Utensil Use; Restaurant; Eating at School; Patience; Sharing; Doors; Elevators; Escalators; Pets; Stranger Danger; Bullies; Calling 911; Shopping; Differences; School; Car and Carpool; Airplanes ;Travel; Public Transportation; School Bus Field Trips; and Hotel.

private guitar, Piano, violin, and voice

Lesson time will be divided between learning repertoire, developing technique, and studying music theory and history. Students are taught familiar, level-appropriate pieces, memorization and practice techniques, and reading skills. Students and teachers will also prepare repertoire to perform in the DIMATexas Recital Series. They will be a part of beautiful recitals, festivals, and concerts, while developing their self-esteem and building confidence. 

ready STEAM Go!

Ready STEAM GO! Join Mad Science on an exciting journey into the world of STEAM. Find out if it is magic or science. Discover the secret world of bugs, animals, and their habitats! Find out about the workings of robots and how they work. Have you ever wondered about thunderstorms? Find out! Never get bored because next class there is something completely new. Create your own take homes and show everyone what you learned in class that day!


In the magical realm of computer programming, our intrepid third and fourth grade students are about to embark on a thrilling quest! Armed with the powerful Scratch editor, they'll wield their creativity to conjure captivating animations and exhilarating games. As they journey through the enchanted world of project-based learning, they'll unlock the secrets of key computer programming concepts. To join this epic adventure, all that's needed is a computer with internet access. Get ready to ignite your child's imagination with a whirlwind of excitement!

scratch, jr.

The electrifying Scratch Jr. app empowers our students in grades K - 2 to embark on an exhilarating journey through the realms of computational thinking and logic. Dive into the world of block-based programming as our students unlock the secrets of crafting their very own interactive animations and games, all while mastering fundamental computer science concepts. To embark on this thrilling adventure, all you need are tablets or Chromebooks. Get ready for an adventure that's as fun as it is educational!

soccer skills

This program focuses on skill development followed by games and fun with the soccer ball. The goal is to develop a passion for the sport while learning  skills and fostering a love for the game, teamwork, and improvement.  

storybooks with crafts and cooking

Explore whimsical, adventurous, and wonderful stories through crafts and cooking. Students will listen to an exciting story, then take part in a creative cooking or art craft that allows the stories to come to life! 

storytime science

This class offers science exploration for Early Childhood students. The class begins with reading an Early Childhood science book, then engages students in a hands-on science experiment to bring to life the science concept from the book. 

strength and conditioning

Join us for an active and exciting class experience full of games and obstacle courses that strengthen our minds and our bodies. Improving our cardio and muscular systems help our fine motor and focus skills along with increasing confidence and sportsmanship. Sports skills, field games, challenges and FUN!!  

superhero YOU-niversity

Find your inner Superhero! We will inspire and challenge each child through unique and exciting fitness challenges. Confidence and kindness along with physical challenges make this class experience the best part of the day!  

tiny traveling chefs

Welcome our Tiny Traveling Chefs! In this program, we will go on a bite-size journey around the world. We will create finger foods like Vietnamese salad rolls, shakshuka cups from Tunisia, mini halwa bowls from India, and many more! Pack your appetites and all aboard our trip to dishes served at your size! Please provide student food sensitivities ***Dietary Restrictions & Food Allergies***

who is doctor who?

The world-famous Who Kids Of Lamplighter continue their operations this spring with favorite episodes, Classic and New, including the new 15th Doctor! We’ll write new content for our Twitter feed (@WhoKidsLL) including episode reviews, fan art, Daleks Telling Jokes and more! We’ll have lunchtime Zoom chats with the people who make our favorite show! We might even go on a field trip or two! 

wild child guided nature explorations

Spend time outside each week exploring nature with a nature guide! Collect insects in nets, make traps to catch pill bugs, explore how earthworms enrich the soil, learn about trees and native plants, investigate what pollinates, and much more. Each week promises a new outdoor adventure!

yippee yi yoga

Let's play yoga! Children will have fun learning yoga poses and breathing techniques through stories and games. They'll make their own lavender eye pillows for Savasana (relaxation) to take home at the end of the semester along with yoga folders. They'll have developed strength and flexibility, increased focus and concentration, built self-esteem and confidence, and learned to relax.

young coders

Every child can code! Develop your skills as a young coder by exploring block coding, JavaScript, and Python concepts while making your own playable mini-games. This introductory coding course is designed to get elementary-aged students excited about technology through a series of hands-on and engaging learning challenges. Student-created games will be available on a password-protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program.