Barn & Animals

If you ask an outsider about the Lamplighter School, chances are he or she might say something like, “Oh, it’s the school with the chickens!”

Every year, Lamplighter brings in barn animals such as cows, donkeys, and goats. One of the many traditions at Lamplighter is the yearly naming of the animals by the Pre-K classes. This gives the students a sense of involvement in the animals’ lives, as well as introducing our littlest learners to the voting process. The animals are observed, and sometimes fed grass, by children on the playground.

Chickens are also an important part of Lamplighter life. In third grade, students research, campaign for, and select chicken breeds to bring to the school; in fourth grade, the students join the corporation the Lamplighter Layers to sell fresh eggs to parents. Through their entire student career, Lamplighter students are accustomed to hearing a cluck or a moo as they play outside!