Environmental Education

Lamplighter’s Environmental Science program has always been an innovative and joyful course of science study.

Our three- and four-year old students begin exploring our extensive outdoor education environment by planting seeds and observing nature’s seasonal changes and cycles of life. Lamplighter students of all ages continue their outside adventures on our creek, woodlands, and prairie wildflower trails. On walks to the creek, students observe organic vs. inorganic materials, record cloud shapes, study plants, and much more.

Our student-maintained bird viewing station provides all classes with close-up views of birds they may be studying in environmental science. A butterfly garden (set at the level of children’s curious eyes), as well as our flower, herb, and vegetable gardens, all cultivate student curiosity and wonder. As students progress through our program they will have seen their Halloween pumpkins turn into rich compost for our gardens. Students of all grades contribute plant leftovers from their lunches into the grade level compost buckets; fourth graders then collect all the compost buckets weekly and add them to our compost pile. Watching this process gives students a hands-on understanding of a natural cycle.

Our Eastin Family Innovation Lab environmental science classroom provides creative outlets for learning, while a wall of glass windows keeps our students surrounded by our wooded creek environment, the closest thing to being outdoors on rainy days!