One of the first things visitors notice about The Lamplighter School is its expansive and child-friendly playground.

Students at The Lamplighter School enjoy two outside play periods each day, and the space is reflective of how important this time is to child development. In addition to standard playground equipment such as slides, sandbox, and swings, the area also has spaces for soccer, basketball, tetherball, and wall ball games. The playground is where second graders go on a Pioneer Walk to experience a “trip to the Western territories” as part of a Pioneer Unit. It’s where the kids can say hi to the cow, donkey, and other farm animals as they play. The hill is where students and teachers can experience a “snow day” and have fun on the slopes in January. In keeping with the School’s emphasis on social emotional learning, the playground also features a Buddy Bench, which helps spread inclusion and kindness by helping students find a new friend.

New Outdoor Learning Spaces:

Opening Spring 2023

As part of Lamplighter's Bright Future campaign, the School will launch a new expansive outdoor learning environment. A reimagined playground will inspire students to strengthen their motor skills as well as their imaginations through more creative play.